Watch Services

Watch Services

Watches are exceptional, luxurious, and marvelous devices. Attractive and exceptional, they are the best accessories for those who prefer a balance of practicality and fashion. Timepiece ownership is a journey. Due to their intricate machinery and delicate parts, watches require maintenance. No matter what type of watches you have in your collection, it is essential to take them to a jeweller on occasion for professional servicing. There is much that goes into maintaining the beauty of these pieces, from simple cleanings to complete overhauls. At Damiani Jewellers, we ensure that all our customers’ timepieces are given to only the most trustworthy hands for servicing.

Benefits of Watch Services

Watch services are necessary for your timepiece to retain its quality over time. No matter how much care you give your timepiece, dust and grime naturally accumulate. This can interfere with a watch’s delicate parts, especially if it uses mechanical movement. The watch can even break or lose functionality if not taken care of for long enough. Luckily, jewellers sometimes employ watchmakers and other experts to ensure top-quality services. With careful hands and extensive training, they can work wonders. Well-maintained watches can also retain their value over time. This is extremely important for investment or vintage timepieces.

Professional Watch Services Available

Our experts can conduct a wide variety of services to help our customers and community. Watches get dirt over time, especially if they are worn often. While you can give them at-home cleanings, only expert jewellers like us can ensure thorough and cohesive detailing. We can clean it, be it between the links or around the crown. This prevents tarnishing, rust, or any other threats to the timepiece. We can resize a watch strap to fit your wrist best; we also sell them if your strap is damaged. Is your quartz watch’s movement dying? We can replace them. Rest assured that anything your watch needs, we can provide it here at Damiani Jewellers.

Trust Damiani Jewellers for Your Watch Service Needs

Damiani Jewellers is Woodbridge’s premier source for the best accessories. Our marvelous selection of high-end timepieces ensures every visitor receives a beautiful and attractive accessory to last many years. Coupled with our plethora of professional services, all of your watch needs can be fulfilled at our Woodbridge, Ontario showroom. For decades, we’ve been purveyors of fine accessories to our sublime community. Our experience allows us to provide a peerless shopping experience to all our visitors. Want to know more? Contact us at

(905) 850-4653 or email us at to speak to our staff.

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