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What are Anniversary Bands?

Weddings are the beginning of the lifelong adventure called marriage. While wedding bands signal that one is married, some feel that they don't adequately convey the true nature of one's commitment. That's why many opt for anniversary bands. Traditionally given for milestone anniversaries, these are meant to be worn with other bridal jewellery. In fact, anniversary bands are simply wedding rings worn with other pieces to create a unique romantic display. Some bands are better at fulfilling this role than others, as they accentuate the other rings with deliberate design details. Jewellery brands worldwide create magnificent anniversary bands that suit every taste.

Popular Anniversary Band Designers

ArtCarved is beloved for its diverse collections. Since 1850, they have been creating some of the finest bands and rings in a vast variety of styles. This allows them to offer anniversary bands that can accentuate any wedding ring. A floral piece makes an excellent match with a more minimalist modern ring, as they bring out the fantastic silhouettes of each other. Amden crafts marvellous, regal rings that exhibit rich colour and dazzling diamonds. For those who want to build a breathtaking stack of spectacular jewellery, this brand is an exceptional choice.

CrownRing has a signature style defined by its precise and clean edges. With captivating details, wonderfully set diamonds, and ornate metalwork, their rings are a great fit for expanding a bridal stack. Some of their pieces, meanwhile, present a minimalist and sleek design. By combining understated pieces with bold rings, you can draw eyes where you want them. Carlex has a distinctive, daring design approach. Their bands are large and in charge, making a fantastic focal point for a bridal stack. Some have brilliant diamond pave and other accents to elevate their look.

Shop Anniversary Bands at Damiani Jewellers

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