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Custom Design Frequently Asked Questions

Trusting a jeweller to create custom jewellery can be daunting. It’s a complex process with a lot of esoteric details. Luckily, we’re here to answer all of your questions. If you have specific questions that are not answered here, give us a call. Our team at Damiani Jewellers would love nothing more than to help you discover how custom jewellery works, and how we can develop gorgeous custom pieces that will be adored for years.

What Is Custom Design?

Custom jewellery design is a service provided only by the best and most capable jewellers. With our on-staff team of goldsmiths and gemologists, we work with clients to allow them to create their own jewellery, and we help bring their creative vision to life. The resulting items are luxurious, beautiful, and unique, found nowhere else but in your jewellery box. From custom pendants to fashion rings, bracelets, or earrings, create the piece for yourself a loved one that they will absolutely love.

Who Can Do It?

Not everyone should be trusted to create jewellery. It takes skill, training, and talent. Goldsmiths are adept artisans who specialize in the art of jewellery, crafting luxurious and spectacular accessories. They do so with a variety of tools and techniques that can only be used properly by an expert. To gauge our and other jewellery stores’ staff, give them a call and ask about credentials. Ask about certifications by organizations like the Gemological Institute of America and the Canadian Gemological Institute, depending on your location.

What Can I Make?

Custom design is an involved process, as are all the various processes that go into creating your dream jewellery. However, our goldsmiths and gemologists are trained in the art and are true craftspeople. You can make just about any kind of jewellery you can dream of with our services.

Want to propose with a unique and personal engagement ring that features a sapphire, three stone setting? Do it with custom design. Seeking an expressive and personalized necklace showcasing rubies, rose gold, and diamonds? Consult with an expert. In need of earrings with colourful gemstone motifs? Our professionals can help. No matter what your needs are, we can work with you to make your dreams come true.

How Does It Work?

First, you must contact us to reserve a consultation. Doing so is important, as the initial appointment usually takes a while. Beforehand, we also recommend thinking about what kind of jewellery design you seek to create. Sketches or example images are helpful to bring as well. When you arrive, our staff of goldsmiths and gemologists will work with you to design a piece of fine jewellery. This will involve the use of CAD, a software commonly used for all sorts of design purposes.

Once we have a direction for the design, we will create a wax model that will resemble the final piece. You can inspect it to see if it matches your expectations, and make changes as you see fit. After that, we will go through precious metals and materials as per your price point and desires. Once we finalize payment, we will get started right away. Usually, it takes about 6-8 weeks including casting, mounting, and finishing. However, this estimate can vary depending on our backorders, your specifications, and other factors.

Custom Design Jewellery with Damiani Jewellers

Damiani Jewellers is Ontario’s best place for custom-designed jewellery. Our goldsmiths and gemologists are well-prepared to help you find jewellery perfect for you and your loved ones. In addition to custom pieces, we offer a plethora of diamonds available in all sorts of shapes and sizes to make your pieces shine. Want to know more? Call (905) 850-4653 or email to learn more.