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Damiani Jewellers Engagement Rings

Here at Damiani Jewellers we adore jewellery. We have such a passion for the craft that we don't just showcase jewellery from the top designers in the industry we also carry an in-house line of complete engagement rings too! When you are looking for an engagement ring whose quality is assured by the very jeweller you trust to provide quality services and fashion pieces, you can't do any better than what Damiani Jewellers has to offer.

With engagement rings sculpted from silky platinum and the coolness of 18k white gold, Damiani Jewellers goes out of its way to ensure that luxury is one of the prime elements of each of its rings. We take the responsibility of jewellery design seriously, and when you're looking for a refined, vintage-inspired piece of artwork, keep Damiani Jewellers in mind.

The Design Process

The design process for these one-of-a-kind engagement rings is quite similar to the process for designing a custom ring. Our designers come up with an idea for a new ring this step involves a great deal of discussion, sketches, and revisions to come up with an engagement ring that qualifies as a piece of art. When the design is finalized, it's sculpted in CAD software which allows our team to visualize the design in three dimensions. At this second stage, inconsistencies and other negative features can be carved away with a single click of a mouse key. Using 3-D printer technology, a model of the piece can be created and further modified by the design team.

With the design finalized, we have the engagement rings sculpted from our chosen metal. Once the settings are in place, we add the diamonds to them. The centre stones we select run the gamut from princess-cut to Asscher-cut; from pear- to round- to radiant-cut. No matter your preferences, we have something for you. Given our choices in fancy yellow diamonds, that is a vow we take quite seriously.

Since these pieces come complete with a beautiful center diamond, choosing the perfect ring is a simple and quick process -- especially compared to special orders or totally custom designs that can take weeks or months to fulfill. And because these are one-of-a-kind rings, you can rest assured that no one will have anything quite like yours.

Shopping for Engagement Rings and More at Damiani Jewellers

For over 60 years, Damiani Jewellers has been a fixture of the jewelry scene of the Greater Toronto Area. We've provided the engagement rings for hundreds of engagements, and we consider it a mark of pride to add another couple to that list. If you're interested in our in-house line of engagement rings, don't forget that you can find an elegant wedding bands to pair with it when you shop with us. And our custom design process can always help you to design your own engagement ring! If you are interested in Damiani engagement rings, or you'd like to find out more, contact us at 905.850.4653 or visit our showroom in Woodbridge, Ontario today!