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Engagement Ring Frequently Asked Questions

Your engagement ring is one of the most monetarily and sentimentally valuable pieces of jewellery you’ll own in your lifetime. These pieces are stunning, luxurious, representative of an eternal bond, and typically fitted with a glittering diamond. Coming in at a higher price point than most fashion jewellery, engagement rings are certainly an investment. Then, you must go into the shopping process with as much information as possible. We at Damiani Jewellers have compiled a guide to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about bridal jewellery to assist you in searching for the perfect ring.

What Are The Most Popular Center Stone Cuts?

Almost every engagement ring has a centre stone, the most prominent design element, and the star of the ring. The cut of this stone helps to determine much of the ring’s overall aesthetic. The following are some of the most popular gem cuts you’ll encounter.

  • Round: By far the most popular cut, the round cut is perfectly circular and features 58 facets for maximum brilliance.
  • Princess: A square cut that, from the profile, resembles an upturned pyramid. It is wonderfully geometric and modern.
  • Cushion: Similar to the princess cut, the cushion cut is squared with slightly rounded corners.
  • Oval: The oval cut is elongated and elegant. Softly curving lines are wonderfully romantic and feminine.
  • Emerald: This is a unique cut with a rectangular silhouette and parallel facets that create a mesmerizing “hall of mirrors” effect.
  • Pear Shape: The pear shape cut has a teardrop silhouette, featuring one rounded end and one pointed end.

What Are The Most Popular Engagement Ring Settings?

  • Solitaire: The most minimalistic setting is the solitaire. It features only the bad and the centre stone.
  • Three Stone: Three stone settings represent a relationship's past, present, and future. The centre stone is the most prominent, serving as a reminder to focus always on the current moment.
  • Halo: Halo settings are some of the most brilliant available. They are characterized by a centre stone whose perimeter is dotted with small accent stones.
  • Side Stone: Side stone settings feature accent gems along the band that create extra sparkle and movement.

Can I Custom Design A Ring?

Add extra sentimentality to an already meaningful ring by custom-designing a piece. This adds even more personalization and ensures you get all the desired characteristics in a ring. Our incredible team of trained experts utilizes state-of-the-art technology and their creative genius to craft truly phenomenal rings. It would be our distinct honour to craft the ring that symbolizes your love for the rest of your life.

How Do I Make My Center Stone Appear Larger?

The most expensive aspect of an engagement ring is typically the centre stone. Many opt for smaller centre stones to cut down on cost, but there are ways you can make this gem appear larger. Halo settings are great for this, as they give the illusion of a jewel with more surface area. Elongated cuts also provide this illusion. Another hack is to select a ring with a thinner band rather than a thicker one that makes the gem appear bigger in contrast.

Shop Engagement Rings at Damiani Jewellers

Find the engagement ring of your dreams at Damiani Jewellers. Our Woodbridge jewellery store is stocked with an unparalleled selection of rings by some of the most renowned designers in the world. We’d also be happy to help you custom-design a piece with special significance. Contact us today with any questions about our products and services, or stop by our showroom to speak with a staff member in person.