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Engagement Ring Styles at Damiani Jewellers

When we talk about style in the realm of engagement rings, this represents a variety of unique visions that designers utilize to create their pieces. The four most common umbrellas under which designs are created are vintage, classic, modern, and nature inspired. But while there can be some soft overlap in these areas, they exist as handy poles for jewellery lovers to understand the way engagement rings are designed. Our passion for the delight of design here at Damiani Jewellers means that we're always thrilled about explaining the different engagement ring styles to customers!


Vintage is a broad category, and while the most liberal interpretation of the term only goes back 25 years, it can be a category of engagement ring styles that stretches back to the Edwardian or Victorian eras. Most commonly, the styles of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods are what you'll see in vintage engagement rings. Milgrain beading along white gold (or platinum) is common here, with bezel settings, bold geometry, and halos that often utilize sapphire.


It can be a confusing thing to say classic when vintage is also a term. But when we're discussing engagement rings, the classic style refers to a timeless look that many people think of when they think of engagement rings. Claw prongs, solitaires, and a preference for the universal beauty of round-cut diamonds are all features you may find in a classic ring. Looks like classic rings, however, become classic for a reason: They are beloved by nearly every woman because they've perfected the design.


Modern engagement rings sit on the cutting edge of design. This is the style where women who want to blaze their own trail in the realm of engagement ring fashion can find something that matches their tastes. Modernity can often be seen in the split shank design and two-tone styles, as well as setting styles that weren't utilized until recently, like channel and tension settings. Also, you'll often see modern rings taking advantage of contemporary diamond shapes like pear-cut and princess-cut diamonds.


Nature-inspired engagement rings are, as expected, rings that borrow from natural themes and motifs. In these rings, you'll see vines, flowers, berries, and leaves on display. The nature-loving bride will find a lot to love when she slips a ring on with trellises of gold that have intertwined vines of a different tone growing across them. If you are a woman who appreciates marquise-cut diamonds, this is a style that often takes advantage of them to sculpt petals and leaves in a glittering manner.

Find Your Favorite Engagement Ring Style at Damiani Jewellers

If you're interested in shopping for a beautiful engagement ring, and you'd like to find out more about the engagement ring styles and how they interact with the designer work we showcase here at Damiani Jewellers, don't hesitate to contact us at our showroom at 905.850.4653. If you want to see them in person, visit us today at our showroom in Woodbridge!