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Jewellery brands available at Damiani Jewellers


As a Canadian jeweller, we are proud to offer any array of accessories from local creators. This enriches our community and provides a fantastic selection of affordable but luxurious, gift-worthy jewellery. Miss Mimi is a brand based in Montreal. Beloved for their enchanting styles and silhouettes, they use only the highest quality precious metal. Miss Mimi infuses charm and personality into all their hand-crafted jewellery.

Tecimer Jewellery is a Canadian classic, centred around their Toronto headquarters. As one of the nation’s largest jewellery companies, they have an impressive selection of gold accessories. Much of their jewellery is faith and religion-oriented, with marvellous and attractive design elements.

Thomas Sabo is a German designer. They create several sublime collections carefully crafted with peerless attention to detail and precision. Despite their proud and classy high-end reputation, Thomas Sabo imparts a lot of expressive style into their jewellery. Surprising motifs exhibiting spectacular style through small gemstone and metalwork details ensure the wearer is always en vogue.

Pair of earrings on white background


A trendy set of earrings is essential for projecting a chic profile. They are iconic for framing your face and accentuating natural facial features while highlighting your silhouette. There are several varieties of earrings available. Each kind offers its own characteristics. When giving someone jewellery, double-check to make sure their ears are pierced so they can wear the earrings. In addition, shop for suitable motifs that reflect your loved one’s personality.


Tiny but mighty, studs have a diminutive size and don’t connect from the front to the back. They are made to be versatile and easy to pair, making them exceptional everyday accessories. Since stud earrings are small, plenty of excellent pieces are available at an affordable price.

This Thomas Sabo single pineapple stud is a charming touch to any summer outfit. It harkens to warm winds and a tropical environment. Pineapples represent hospitality in some areas, imparting a little more personality to the profile. Meanwhile, these Miss Mimi star silver studs have a radiant witchy chic with a gold finish and sterling silver, bewitching all who notice them.


The hoop is a classic and timeless earring style. With their high-fashion shape and dynamic vibrance, hoop earrings make great companions on any occasion. Luckily, we have several of these incredible accessories in our selection under $100, allowing anyone to take part in their unique style.

Consider these Miss Mimi silver bead hoop earrings. They have a distinctive and unusual aesthetic per their eccentric shape. Plated with yellow gold, they have a fantastic and eye-catching style. This Thomas Sabo vintage single hoop earring is smaller and solo but showcases an array of brilliant cubic zirconia.


Drop earrings dangle from the earring, moving along with the wearer to create a vivid and dynamic look. Due to their spectacular aesthetic, only some drops are available below $100, but those that are tend to exhibit beautiful features like opals and solitary gemstones.

For example, this Thomas Sabo single opal drop earring showcases a tiny but enthralling opal. The birthstone of October, these beautiful gemstones are always unique. They also offer a turquoise drop with the timeless sky-blue stone. These stones make it easy to compliment an outfit with a flash of colour.

Woman with bracelet holding hands


A bracelet is an excellent accessory that is easy to love. They are effortless to accessorize and work well with most outfits, providing a personal and expressive accent to an ensemble. Bracelets come in a wide variety of styles. They can be bold and spectacular, thin and understated, or colourful and playful. Several bracelets under $100 can suit any look and build any collection.


Some bracelets use beads to create an eye-catching and dynamic aesthetic that can be worn comfortably. Beads can come in all sorts of materials, including gold, wood, seashells, plastic, and beyond. Some have a simplistic and unadorned surface, while others incorporate intricate designs into the bead.

This Thomas Sabo black obsidian beaded bracelet would make a perfect gift. It features beads carved from dark volcanic glass with a central piece imbued with a chic and artistic design. It also has a sterling silver accent for added style.


The chain bracelet distinguishes itself from beads through metal links. They can be made of precious materials like gold and silver or more robust metals like stainless steel. Chain bracelets are versatile but luxurious, projecting a sophisticated and elegant look. There are many chain styles, with some exhibiting small and slender links and others showcasing large and bold links.

One exceptional example of chain bracelets is this Miss Mimi silver paperclip bracelet. It has gold plated sterling silver, evoking a fancy and warm sheen. It's comfortable, easy to wear, and elegant. Miss Mimi also has a sterling silver chain bracelet with a brighter, more radiant sheen per its silvery hue.

Woman wearing necklace


Every outfit needs a necklace. These accessories hang at the centre of your silhouette, providing a focal point for the ensemble that ties it all together. No matter your outfit, a necklace adds a delightful touch of sophistication. Several necklaces work perfectly as gifts under a $100 price point. From radiant pendants to solitary gemstones, there are plenty of pieces to browse.


Many chain necklaces are paired with pendants. They are the centrepiece of the accessory, featuring an eye-catching area that draws attention. This delightful Miss Mimi circle silver necklace has a pleasant geometric design elevated by bright sterling silver and shining cubic zirconia. Its sparkling magnificence makes it a great finishing touch for formal outfits.


These pieces sport a solitary gemstone as the pendant. While precious metals and metalworking touches usually accentuate them, they let a gemstone be the star of the show. They evoke a hint of luxury and glamor. Due to their versatile style, they are great gifts.

Consider this Thomas Sabo silver heart necklace, which exhibits a shining diamond heart. Romantic and pure, it is an exceptional way to state your intentions. Wear this piece alone or layer it with your favourites.

A pink hexagonal box with a navy bow sitting on a white counter

Find Jewellery Gifts at Damiani Jewellers

Damiani Jewellers is Ontario’s favourite source for fine jewellery gifts and accessories. Our wide selection of jewellery at any price point ensures that every visitor finds the perfect present for any occasion. We also provide professional jewellery repair and other services for our valued guests. You can even find diamonds for engagement rings at our Woodbridge jewellery store. Call (905) 850-4653 or email to speak directly with our team.

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