Jewellers in Toronto

At Damiani Jewellers, we are pleased to be part of the fabric of Toronto, since it places us in a unique position to discover the new trends that are dazzling the country and share them with everyone that visits our showroom. For over 60 years, Damiani Jewellers has been among the foremost jewellers in Toronto, and we strive to showcase only the finest selections of top-shelf jewellery and Swiss-quality timepieces.

Brands Available at Damiani Jewellers

Damiani Jewellers is pleased to offer brands that have proven their quality over generations such as TAG Heuer, Montblanc, and Thomas Sabo. We also explore new brands for the benefit of our shoppers, including newer ones like Benchmark, G-Shock, and Luminox. Additionally, we offer jewellery and watches at different price points, which allows every customer to leave with a treasure from brands such as Doves by Doron Paloma, Miss Mimi, CrownRing, or Carlex.

Services Offered at Damiani Jewellers

But while we're eminently proud of the incomparable jewellery and timepieces we offer at Damiani Jewellers, what sets us apart from a mere retailer is our services. We strive to be your watch & jewellery partner for decades to come, and because of that, we can assist you with nearly any need! For instance, our trained watchmakers are the foremost in their field. We are able to clean, repair, and service most Swiss-made timepieces. Since we do all of our work in-house, you can be confident that your watch will be safe in our hands. Our expert jeweller also does on-site work, and whether your repair needs are as simple as a polishing or as complex as soldering filigrees, we are here to assist!

Also, Damiani Jewellers benefits from the talents of our in-house GIA-certified gemologist. This means that when you need a new or vintage piece of jewellery appraised, you can drop by our showroom to get a meticulous and trustworthy appraisal of your pieces done quickly. Plus, if you've ever had a dream of designing your own custom jewellery, our talented team of design experts are capable of translating your sketches into a custom piece made according to your unique vision! If you have unwanted gold, you can also stop by our showroom to sell it for top price.

Shop at Damiani Jewellers in Woodbridge, Ontario

Damiani Jewellers has served the greater Toronto area for over 60 years, and this means that we have kept our finger on the pulse of the community. We have an abiding passion for the art of jewellery and Swiss-quality timepieces, and we love when we can introduce a customer to a piece that will become near and dear to their heart. The heirlooms of tomorrow start in the showcases of Damiani Jewellers. If you're interested in learning about what's offered at one of the finest jewellers in Toronto, feel free to contact us at 905.850.4653 or stop by our showroom in Woodbridge, Ontario today!