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2023 Winter Engagement Ring Trends: Sparkling Insights

November 15th, 2023

A woman in a white cashmere sweater shows off her oval cut engagement ring.

As the frosty embrace of winter settles in, the world of engagement rings is once again adorned with captivating trends for the year 2023. This season brings forth an array of enchanting and diverse styles that reflect the magic of winter and the warmth of love. This year's winter engagement ring trends offer something for every couple's unique love story. Join us on a journey through the latest and most charming designs that will adorn the fingers of soon-to-be-wedded couples in this wintry wonderland of love and commitment.

A side stone emerald cut engagement ring from ArtCarved

Emerald-Cut Diamonds

This winter, the spotlight in the world of engagement rings is undeniably on the extraordinary allure of emerald-cut diamonds. Renowned for their sleek lines and understated sophistication, emerald-cut diamonds have surged in popularity, alluring the hearts of trendsetters like Kim Kardashian, Grace Kelly, and Paris Hilton. The emerald cut's vintage charm and modern sensibility make it a perfect choice for those seeking an engagement ring that speaks to both tradition and contemporary style. ArtCarved's Classic collection, with its sublime side-stone emerald cut engagement ring, exemplifies this trend beautifully. This winter, couples are embracing the enduring classiness of emerald-cut diamonds, making them the centrepiece of their love stories.

An Art Deco-inspired halo engagement ring from Amden Jewelry.

Throwback to the Art Deco Era

A wave of nostalgia for the glamorous Art Deco era is sweeping the world of engagement rings this season. Couples are drawn to the intricate designs, geometric patterns, and bold, striking aesthetics reminiscent of this bygone era. Amid this resurgence, Amden Jewelry takes prominence with this Glamour ornate engagement ring that achieves the essence of Art Deco opulence. These rings evoke the grandeur of the past while infusing a touch of modern culture. As winter's chill envelops us, the allure of Art Deco-inspired engagement rings warms the hearts of couples, promising a future as bright and radiant as the era that inspired them.

a bezel-set engagement ring with channel-set side stones from ArtCarved.

Revival of the Bezel Setting

In a year marked by the return to classic and enduring styles, bezel-set engagement rings have emerged as a definitive favourite. This ancient setting, known for its protective embrace of the centre stone, has seen a resurgence in popularity as couples seek both symbolism and durability in their choice of engagement rings. Among the exquisite options in this category, the ArtCarved bezel-set side stone engagement ring shines brightly. This year, couples are gravitating towards bezel-set rings not only for their historical significance but also for the sense of security and elegance they impart. The bezel setting cradles the precious gemstone, making it an ideal choice for those who value tradition, durability, and the promise of lasting love.

An unadorned, 14k white gold band from Benchmark.

Love's True Equality

As the landscape of modern love evolves, gender-neutral engagement rings are taking centre stage this year. These rings beautifully defy traditional norms, offering couples the freedom to choose a symbol of their commitment that transcends stereotypes and expectations. Among these remarkable options, the Benchmark 14k white gold ring, initially marketed as a men's wedding band, stands out as a versatile and inclusive choice for those embracing gender-neutral unions. Its elegant design and enduring beauty appeal to anyone looking to celebrate their love without the constraints of traditional gender roles.

A man holds his partner’s hand, examining a halo pear cut diamond engagement ring.

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