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5 Tips to Help You Plan the Perfect Proposal for Your Partner

July 18th, 2018

Thinking of popping the question to your beloved sometime soon? Then you’ll want to keep reading. Follow these five tips to make sure that your proposal goes off without a hitch!

Planning the Perfect Proposal at Damiani Jewellers

Let’s get serious for a moment. Have you found “the one”’

It’s a heavy question to consider, and most people toying with the notion of asking another human to spend the rest of their life with don’t want to screw it up. Every element has to work together in harmony if you want everything to go as expected; you’re going to want your future partner to remember this moment forever.

Luckily, we at Damiani Jewellers have helped more than our fair share of customers orchestrate the momentous event. There’s plenty to think about before setting your master plan into motion.

Location, Location, Location

Dig deep here – generally, it’s got to either be somewhere you’re both familiar with, a place that holds sentiment, or somewhere totally new, such as a new city you’re both visiting for the first time.

The atmosphere will help set the mood in a big way, and the best choice will have a lot to do with your partner. Slyly working the proposal into an activity you already know they enjoy is a surefire way to put a little bit of love in the air. We’ve all seen the classic trope of a man proposing on the jumbotron during a sporting event when his future wife’s favorite team happens to be winning at the time.

Planning the Perfect Proposal at Damiani Jewellers


This is something a lot of conspirators, especially those of the male variety, tend to overlook (Sorry, men! We tell you because we care).

Clearly, you’re going to want some proof of the proposal to exist after the fact, and artificially-staged engagement shoots are, let’s be honest, a little bit corny. You can either hire a professional to document from the shadows, or, more reasonably, let a friend or family member in on the secret so they can do the same. Crafty individuals may take advantage of planning their proposal during a time where recording video or taking photos is normal, such as Christmas morning while opening presents.

Props and Extras

What is your future fianceé into? Food? Try cooking them a nice dinner, setting the scene in a way that is personal and appealing. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy; never underestimate the power of a sentimental, handwritten note to go along with the proposal. It eliminates an air of careless spontaneity that some may find suspect.

This is something you’ve spent a lot of time and thought into. It will reflect well on you to make that fact evident.

Planning the Perfect Proposal at Damiani Jewellers

The Big Reveal

This part is key. There’s always the tried and true practice of putting yourself before them on one knee, but some may find that old hat; feel free to get creative here.

Discreetly dropping the engagement ring into their glass of champagne while they’re momentarily distracted is one idea; another is tying it to the collar of their dog or cat. We believe it should come as a surprise, something they won’t anticipate – the element of surprise will work in your favor when it comes to creating a lasting memory.

The Ring

Obviously, this is where we enter the picture; with hundreds of engagement ring styles to choose from – including solitaire, three stone, side stone, and halo designs – we rarely meet a man or woman we aren’t able to fully satisfy.

With competitive rates and a team of highly-qualified experts, you know you’re in good hands. We even let you choose your own diamond, allowing you to customize any design we offer. If the time is right, we’re here to help. Let us help you make the impression of a lifetime.

For more information on the engagement rings and jewellery services we offer, you can get in contact with our friendly staff by calling (905) 850-4653. You can also visit our showroom in Woodbridge, Ontario to examine in person any rings you might be eyeing.

We hope to see you soon!