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All Gold Everything: Our Top Picks for 2020

January 5th, 2020

All Gold Everything: Our Top Picks for 2020 0

The pundits are abuzz with the latest on gold - prices are on the up and up, meaning the sooner you make your move, the more valuable your purchase will become in the future. While we definitely think that gold is a must no matter what the economic climate happens to be, we implore you to take advantage and make the most of this opportune time.

With 2019 winding down and a fresh new year just around the bend, it's the perfect time to reinvigorate your wardrobe with some of our favorite gold pieces. Who said economics had to be boring’

Why Go for the Gold’

Jewellery doesn’t only have to be an investment in style, it can also be a financially worthwhile. One of our top priorities while interfacing with any of our clients is making sure that their dollar stretches as far as possible without compromise and that they walk away with something that will give them plenty of replay value. Gold, being one of the most universally-recognized signs of luxury, has just the right stuff to keep you coming back to your favourites again and again.

Like pearls, gold has the ability to enhance any ensemble, turning the previously drab and ordinary extraordinary. Even something as simple as a minimal gold necklace adds just the right touch of glam to your day, making you shine without overpowering the rest of your outfit. Gold earrings, hoops in particular, do much of the same. And a stack of stunning gold rings is something we will never, ever get tired of.

Gold Timepieces

For the high-end executive in us all, a gold watch will impart a sense of subtle power to your Monday morning look, whether you're a man or a woman. The right timepiece will polish your appearance where other types of adornment may come across as loud, distracting, or unnecessary. If the hunt intimidates you, have no fear - our watch finder makes finding the watch of your dreams simple.

Gold Bridal Jewellery and More

Is there anything that says "forever" quite like a gold engagement ring or a gold wedding band? We think not. Gorgeous gold bridal jewellery will remind him or her of your devotion day in and day out, and we're here to help you make it happen. Some of our favorite contemporary designers when it comes to modern gold engagement rings include ArtCarved and Amden. What's great about these two is the sheer variety they offer - everything from yellow gold, to white gold, and rose gold.

Gold wedding bands for him and her cement your commitment to one another in one of the most romantic ways possible. While Amden and ArtCarved are both more than worthy contenders for our all-time most-loved, we have to turn your attention to a few other very strong brands in this area. Two-toned wedding bands are very hot right now; we happen to really love the combination of white gold and rose gold for a subtle look that is both delicate and luxe. Between Benchmark, Bleu Royale, and CrownRing, you'll be hard-pressed to walk out of our store empty-handed.

Invest in Gold Today at Damiani

Ready for more, but not sure where to start? We've got you covered. As the Greater Toronto area's top jewellery store, our selection in top-quality European 14k and 18k gold is unmatched by any of the competitors. Have old gold to sell? Just as well. We pay more for your gold, giving your buck more bang and allowing you to indulge yourself to the fullest extent. For information on any of the gold jewellery in our collection and all of the additional services we offer our clientele, you can give us a ring or reach out to us online for a complimentary consultation.