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April Birthstone Jewellery: Diamonds

March 15th, 2023

 A silver diamond tennis bracelet lying on a white cloth

Every month has a birthstone, but few other months have as luxurious a gem as April. These brilliant gemstones are iconic in luxury, glamour, and extravagance. They possess a unique, distinctive beauty celebrated the world over for their timeless elegance. As one of jewellery designers’ most beloved stones, there is a myriad of diamond jewellery available sure to suit any taste. Find something perfect for you or a loved one with Damiani Jewellers.

A rose gold, four-petaled flower pendant necklace with pave set diamonds

Floral Diamond Necklaces

April is in the middle of spring, the season of blossoming flowers resurrecting from winter’s cold winds. Even though it’s a special time for people born in April, it’s a good idea to incorporate floral details into their birthstone jewellery.

For example, this RNB Marquise Flower diamond necklace exhibits a plethora of flashy diamonds set in a four-petaled marquise flower. It features 14k rose gold that balances durability and regal glamor for a spectacular effect.

A pair of silver and black earrings featuring an octagonal silhouette and diamonds

Vintage Earrings

A pair of earrings can enliven any outfit. They frame the face in style, accentuating one’s facial features with light and chic. Vintage and vintage-inspired earrings have a unique and attention-getting aesthetic that makes them perfect for elevating one’s profile. Doing so ensures that one can create a distinctive look that is unmistakably theirs.

Consider this pair of Doves by Doron Paloma Mondrian earrings. Emerald cut diamonds are set in an elongated onyx octagon. The clash of black and white creates a stunning contrast that accentuates both, allowing for a peerlessly unique pair of drop earrings.

A delicate, silver bangle bracelet with round cut diamonds

Brilliant Bangles

The bangle is a classic style of bracelet. With their slender silhouettes, they evoke contemporary minimalist sensibilities despite their long standing status as an essential accessory. They can be worn with most outfits. This is especially true if they exhibit diamonds, as these gemstones give them a balanced look of sophistication and radiance.

This S Kashi & Sons bangle bracelet is a marvellous piece. It boasts a brilliant, lacy style with an elegant silhouette featuring round diamonds and 14k white gold. This combination ensures a vibrant but classic aesthetic perfectly suitable for any occasion, especially with formal dresses.

A gold, thick-banded ring featuring an intricate geometric pattern and round cut diamonds

Regal Rings

Diamond fashion rings are an enchanting delight. They have a potent radiant chic that is attractive when worn alone or in conjunction with other pieces. Some pieces are made to create peerless intrigue using complex metalwork and plenty of gemstones. Diamonds are well-suited for statement rings, especially with their highly esteemed reputation for luxury and glamor.

Try this Amden Jewelry Glamour collection fashion ring. It sports many radiant diamonds in a unique yellow gold setting with contemporary geometric designs. This ring is an exceptional accessory and well-suited for elaborate looks.

A pair of diamond earrings, featuring gems arranged in an elaborate floral pattern

Discover Diamond Jewellery for April at Damiani Jewellers

Damiani Jewellers is your destination for birthstone jewellery. You’ll find a rich variety of brilliant fine jewellery using a fantastic range of gemstones. We house dozens of designer brands here at our showroom, each curated for its strict adherence to high standards. In addition, we also provide many professional jewellery services to further the longevity of your favourite pieces. Email for more information.