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Art Deco Jewellery: 3 Trendy Looks to Covet This Fall

October 1st, 2019

Art Deco Jewellery: 3 Trendy Looks to Covet This Fall

Fashion designers have been reaching into the yearbooks for inspiration, and now, jewellery designers are following suit. One trend expected to become a major thing this fall is Art Deco jewellery.

As an artistic movement, Art Deco became popular in the 1920s and manifested in just about every aspect of life: architecture, cars, jewellery, fashion, furniture. It combined ambitious craftsmanship with rich materials and was very much concerned with the desire to be modern.

Art Deco Jewellery: The Making of a Trend

Many brides have been opting for Art Deco-inspired design motifs, pairing clean lines and geometric shapes with bespoke diamonds for vintage flair. Princess Beatrice’s platinum diamond ring surely influenced the trend’s momentum as well.

But beyond the bridal realm, Art Deco is permeating pop culture once again. This year’s Emmys saw lots of geometric styles with loads of bling. The trend is set to keep growing over the fall and winter season, and we could not be more thrilled.

One designer ahead of the trend is Doron Hakimian. Hakimian hails from an architecture background and his expertise with modern architectural design truly does shine in his jewellery designs. His Doves by Doron Paloma collections teem with gorgeous, easy to wear Art Deco jewellery.

Paloma also likes to incorporate unexpected gemstone colours, like onyx, malachite, and amazonite. His vision is inventive and special, while still being inclusive. There’s something for every personal style among his collections.

Here are three especially trendy ways to wear the Art Deco jewellery look right now:

Add dimension to a tonal fall outfit

doves by doron paloma necklace

Monochromatic looks are always in, but they’re especially great to pull off in fall and winter. For an extra refined, cultured touch, add a statement necklace or earrings to add a dynamic feel.

Doves by Doron Paloma’s Verde collection has remarkable options that use rich, multi-faceted malachite, a gemstone featuring a beautiful green colour with interesting banding. Adding a diamond necklace, like the ones from the Verde line, can take a monochromatic look to new heights.

Spruce up a casual ensemble for a brand-new feel

Gatsby collection bracelet

Layer a statement piece or two onto an otherwise casual outfit and change the feel of the ensemble entirely. This trick helps you transition effortlessly from day to night, casual to more sophisticated settings. The Gatsby collection, which yes, gets its inspiration from the classic tale, has ample options.

Featuring beautiful onyx contrasted with diamonds and warm yellow gold, the collection reflects Hakimian’s architectural background. Stark colours like black and white blend with unexpected shapes, creating vivid confections. Pop on a couple diamond bracelets or fashion rings and take your look from day to night in no time. The Gatsby bracelets mix an inky onyx diamond-shaped stone lined with bright white diamonds and warm 18k gold. Need we say more’

Get your basic wardrobe feeling more shipshape

diamond earrings

The bottom line: Adding some Art Deco–inspired jewellery to your look gives it a sharper image. The clean lines and stunning contrasts of colour pull any outfit together.

A collection that exemplifies this principle is the Doves Mondrian collection, named after the twentieth century abstractionist Piet Mondrian. His most loved paintings are known for their composition of simple geometric shapes.

Rings, bracelets, and especially diamond earrings use fantastic shapes of octagons and perfect squares. The contrast achieved with the pairs found in the Mondrian line is remarkable. The same rich onyx found in the Gatsby collection here meets bright 18k white gold. A sculptural pair of earrings like these can lend a polished feel to an otherwise casual closet.

Find Art Deco-Inspired Jewellery at Damiani Jewellers

No matter your personal style, there’s plenty of ways to incorporate the Art Deco jewellery trend into your accessory arsenal. Damiani Jewellers is proud to carry Doves by Doron Paloma and its beautiful collections, as well as other renowned brands. Give us a call at 905-850-4653 with any questions, or stop into our Woodbridge location and try some of these gorgeous designs on for yourself!