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Diamond Studs With A Twist: A Fresh Take On A Classic Style

February 15th, 2022

Diamond Studs With A Twist: A Fresh Take On A Classic Style 0

Diamond stud earrings are an easy go-to piece for adding a bit of elegance and sparkle to any look. From your wedding day, to a day at the office, these timeless pieces are great for any occasion. We've put together a guide to different styles of diamond studs that offer a new take on these essential pieces of jewellery.

Diamond Studs With A Twist: A Fresh Take On A Classic Style 0

Halo Diamond Studs

Halo settings have been around for centuries, adorning the fingers and ears of queens and first ladies alike. When used in a diamond stud, they allow for an especially luminescent piece. A centre stone encircled in smaller accent diamonds makes the stone appear larger, and allows the piece to reflect even more light. Halo studs are the perfect piece to elevate any look and beautifully frame your face.

The ageless charm of halo diamond studs continues in popularity year after year. These Amden halo studs feature a large, round cut centre diamond surrounded by a dozen smaller round cut diamonds, all inlaid with 18K yellow gold. Shimmering earrings like these will make for quite a dramatic unboxing when given as a gift.

Diamond Studs With A Twist: A Fresh Take On A Classic Style 0

PavE Diamond Studs

The term 'pave' means 'pavement' in French. In the world of jewellery, it refers to a surface covered in stones, like a paved walkway covered in bricks. Rather than one large stone taking centre stage, a pave style piece of jewellery is covered evenly in diamonds or gemstones that are typically equal in size.

Pave diamond studs are unique in that they produce plenty of shine, without a singular focal point. These pieces are delicate and sophisticated, lending themselves easily to any outfit and occasion.

Diamond Studs With A Twist: A Fresh Take On A Classic Style 0

Nature-Inspired Diamond Studs

Whimsical and fun, nature-inspired diamond studs offer a more light-hearted take on style. Leaves, flowers, vines, bees, and butterflies are all motifs commonly used to reflect the beauty of nature. Nature-inspired diamond earrings communicate the wearer's personality and stand out from the crowd.

Varying sizes of stones are set in the organic shape to offer a bit of dimension.

Angular Modern Diamond Studs

Designers around the world are putting an edgy twist on this beloved style with unique, angular shapes. Geometric silhouettes, whether filled or empty, dotted with diamonds along the edges and covering the surface, are effortlessly fashionable.

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