Four Must-See 2021 Fashion Jewellery Trends

December 26th, 2020

Four Must-See 2021 Fashion Jewellery Trends 0

As we head into the new year, it's the perfect time to revitalize your style by exploring the newest fashion trends. We're forecasting boldly designed yellow golds and reimagined silver, as well as bulbous and asymmetrical gemstones! It's a celebration of funky and daring designs for 2021. Reinvent yourself with these 2021 Fashion Jewellery Trends.

New Year, New Collections

As you search for the perfect necklace, keep these characteristics in mind: chunky appearance, bold gemstones, and asymmetrical designs. Sporting a necklace that has even two out of these three will have you on the cutting edge in style.

You'll find all of this and even more magic in the newest collection from Doves by Doron Paloma, Dahlia. It incorporates classic elements like 18 karat yellow gold and diamond pave accents while remaining evocative and unique.

Further warmth is created by the pink opal. Physically impressive and feminine, stand out in this statement necklace. If you're looking to layer necklaces, stay in style by adding a chunky chain link necklace to your jewellery box.

An Even Bolder Classic

For 2021, simply think bigger. This is no time to be shy, so assert yourself and step up. As you shop for earrings, pick out the designs with the most brilliant shine.

Four Must-See 2021 Fashion Jewellery Trends 0

Shop the Seamless Collection from Amden. Here, you'll find highly customizable halo stud diamond earrings. Not only can you choose from 18k yellow, white, and rose gold, but you can also choose the carat of the center stone. There are options from the demure 0.60-carat diamond, to the striking 2.39-carat diamond.

These classic studs have been rejuvenated with a halo design! Just as they do on diamond rings, the diamond halos accent the center stone in the stud earrings for maximum brilliance.

Chunky and Inventive Designs

Unusual, intricate designs and chunky designs are trending for bracelets, bangles, and cuffs! Adorn yourself in highly patterned designs and bejewelled cuffs.

Stay cool in a yellow gold chain-link bracelet. This style and gold type are raging in popularity. Their versatility and beauty mean you can match it with anything in your wardrobe: streetwear, elegant silks, and professional attire.

Shop Miss Mimi for inventive designs like the standout silver Mesh Panthere Bracelet. Inspired by the dark feline beauty of the panther, this gemstone-studded piece can stand on its own or be paired with other bracelets, bangles, and cuffs for a trendy layered look.

Make A Stand And A Statement

Don't let the opportunities in the new year pass you by without making your voice heard. Make a statement with an eye-catching fashion ring. Shop the Mykonos Collection for in-vogue fashion rings.

Four Must-See 2021 Fashion Jewellery Trends 0

Be an Art Deco beauty with an emerald cut blue topaz ring. Relish the diamond accents and white agate halo! Each ring in this collection will leave you beaming.

For a more refined look, stay two-toned with the white and gold fashion rings in this collection featuring a diamond center stone. Feel heavenly in a white or stay golden with a metal forward yellow gold fashion ring constructed in the same emerald shape the collection is known for.

Discover More Now

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