Hidden Details That Will Make Your Engagement Ring Feel Truly Yours

We can agree that all engagement rings are eye-catching in their own right. Their beauty can only be eclipsed by the heartfelt meaning behind their sparkle. But could there be hidden details in an engagement ring that are for your eyes only?

Engagement rings are designed with extraordinary care for detail as these rings are unlike any other jewellery youll ever wear. Todays brides are increasingly opting for subtler ring styles. The goal is to let the center stone be the star of the show while including a few special touches that make the ring stand out. Read on for Damiani Jewellers' tips on what to look for in an engagement ring with romantic details hidden beneath the surface.

Finding Details to Adore

When you start searching for the perfect engagement ring, your eyes may land on the center stone—and why shouldnt they? It is the main attraction, of course. But it wont take long before you discover hidden design elements that show the extra level of care the designers have given to these engagement rings. Lets look over some details that may capture your heart, and soon youll be saying this is the one!

Accentuated Accent Stones

Once a decision is made for the center stone, look at the possibility of accent stones for your ring. There are several ways to place the side stones; prong setting, with small claws coming up around the stone, or pav, which allows close-set diamonds to be held in place with miniature beads. Channel set stones offer a sleek, sophisticated look, where accent diamonds are held in place by two long metal rods placed on either side of the row of stones.

Understated Elegance: The Hidden Halo

Sometimes designers have added details more for your pleasure than anyone else. And isnt that the way it should be? This is your personal love story—told your way with an engagement ring that encompasses everything you want and more. We especially enjoy the new bridal jewellery trend of hidden halos. Instead of enveloping the center stone, a discreet diamond halo is set underneath, forming a collar around the base.

One example of this style is this rose gold hidden halo ring, which features a beautiful twist at the crown. The luxe row of diamonds is set beneath the twisted shanks that form prongs around the center stone.

Take A Peek Below

Modern designers are known to set diamonds in unexpected places for a dazzling display of light. They may appear in a rings gallery, or they can be found on the bridge. You might need to hunt for these, but once you have seen the flash of light from the profile view—you will likely desire these secret details that warrant a closer inspection every time you show off your ring to someone new.

With draping shanks forming a basket underneath the center stone, this classic gold solitaire engagement ring is a regal beauty. Appearing like a solitaire from above, the ring bursts to life from a side angle view with a diamond-lined gallery. A sight to behold, the radiant diamond details are sure to take your breath away.

Vintage Visions

If youre the valiant romantic, youll gravitate to the lovely styles of vintage-inspired rings. One of the signature qualities of this engagement ring style is the delicate detailing found in every ring. Engravings, scrollwork, and milgrain beading can be found in various places from the sides of the ring, the gallery and even under the band. These rings exemplify the phrase old-world craftsmanship.

This ArtCarved vintage engagement ring is a sweepingly romantic style with delicate swirling scrollwork forming the gallery of the ring. Dotted with a milgrain finish, the spectacular craftsmanship leaves nothing to be desired.

Discover More Hidden Details With Damiani Jewellers

With all of these new design elements to look for in an engagement ring, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. The experts at Damiani Jewellers can take all the guesswork out of your search to help you find the perfect ring.

Book an appointment with Damiani Jewellers, and we will walk you through all of your options. Our friendly associates will share their expert knowledge and years of experience. Discover options you may never have considered by starting your search today!


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