It's All in the Details: Understanding Diamond Settings

March 15th, 2024

a pear shape halo diamond engagement ring

We at Damiani Jewellers invite you to immerse yourself in the world of diamond engagement ring settings, where craftsmanship and elegance intertwine to create pieces that transcend time. Each setting is a refined testament to the jeweller's art, evoking the depths of sophistication and style. From traditional prong settings to daring bezel designs, explore an array of options that embody the spirit of individuality and allure. These settings convey stories, emotions, and memories, signifying moments frozen in brilliance. Whether you seek a classic solitaire or a unique halo design, each setting exudes its own charm and allure, promising to enhance the wearer's elegance with every touch.

Meticulous Placement of Side Stones

When it comes to understanding diamond settings, we recommend you delve into the intricacies of side stone placement, where every diamond setting tells a unique story. While the shimmering side stones catch the eye instantly, a closer examination reveals the subtle nuances of each setting style. Various techniques, like the classic prong setting, elevate the diamond's prominence while minimising metal visibility. Conversely, the bezel setting imparts a dramatic, contemporary flair. Discover the most popular setting types adorning bridal jewellery, each offering its distinct charm and allure. As you explore these settings, consider not only their aesthetic appeal but also their impact on the protection and maintenance of the precious stones they cradle.

a side stone engagement ring

Classic Prong Settings

Experience the timeless allure of the prong setting, where elegance meets security in a delicate embrace. Prongs, resembling clawed talons, encase the diamond in a metal basket, ensuring its steadfast placement. Available in various shapes—pointed, rounded, flat, or V-shaped—these meticulous claws cradle the stone, allowing light to dance freely across its surface. While prong settings offer unparalleled brilliance by minimising metal obstruction, occasional snagging can occur. Nevertheless, their popularity endures due to the harmonious blend of protection and beauty they afford. Also consider the shared prong variation, where multiple diamonds share a single set of prongs, enhancing brilliance while retaining a refined aesthetic.

an engagement ring on a beach with classic prong setting

Dazzling Pave Settings

For the next stop in our journey, we invite you to step into the dimension of pavé settings, where elegance meets drama in a dazzling display of brilliance. Delicate diamonds or gemstones are meticulously set close together using tiny beads, creating a surface that appears encrusted with sparkling stones. Derived from the French word "to pave," this setting technique intricately arranges diamonds across the shank of the ring, offering a radiant illusion of paved diamonds. While pavé settings allow for multiple rows of stones without widening the band, regular maintenance is essential to ensure their longevity. Explore variants like the French pavé, with its refined V-shaped groove, and micro pavé, featuring incredibly small diamonds for an opulent band adorned with shimmering rows of brilliance.

pave setting engagement ring with a cloth threaded through it

Sleek Channel Settings

Another essential setting type to familiarise yourself with is the sleek channel settings, where diamonds or gemstones are nestled securely between vertical metal walls, creating a seamless and contemporary look. In this setting style, stones are snugly held side by side between two strips of metal. Whether adorning a partial or full band, channel settings offer unmatched security without the risk of snagging on clothing. Maintenance is simple, with occasional cleaning needed to ensure the channels remain pristine. Particularly favoured for men's wedding bands and decorated with small black diamonds, channel settings provide not only security but also a modern, minimalist aesthetic that complements any style with timeless elegance. Explore the bar channel variation for added security and versatility in jewellery design.

a man kissing a woman’s hand wearing an engagement ring

Bold Bezel Settings

Experience the bold allure of the bezel setting, where a metal rim encircles the diamond or gemstone, securing it firmly in place. This dramatic style not only enhances the stone's appearance but also offers unparalleled security. Fully enclosed within a thin metal strip, the diamond is shielded from external factors, making the bezel setting ideal for everyday wear, such as engagement rings. The precious metal rim reflects light, creating the illusion of a larger stone and intensifying its sparkle. Embrace the timeless elegance and durability of the bezel setting, a choice that combines striking aesthetics with practicality for jewellery that stands the test of time.

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