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Jewellery Styles for Successful First Dates

January 15th, 2022

Jewellery Styles for Successful First Dates 0

First dates are exciting and nerve-racking, but the right kind of jewellery can bolster your confidence. You should pick the right jewellery for the occasion, but always feel free to add unique flair with some personal alterations. Different pieces excel in different scenarios. Keep in mind things like weather and location when piecing together your ensembles. Below, we'll go over some of our favourite jewellery/date combinations.

Jewellery Styles for Successful First Dates 0

Neckwear By Night

Necklaces offer a lot of freedom to customize. They provide a range of styles from flashy and spectacular to subtle and refined. If your outfit shows a lot of skin around the collarbones, opt for a larger piece like this Thomas Sabo Lock & Key Necklace, which features gold-plated sterling silver and a lobster clasp for additional security.

Outfits that show less skin work better with smaller pieces. Dainty pendants and delicate chains are ideal selections that give off just enough radiance. Remember, balance is key to a look of effortless refinement.

Jewellery Styles for Successful First Dates 0

Delicate Bracelets or Bold Bangles

Admire the rose-tinged popcorn chain design. On the other hand, smaller wrists pair well with delicate bracelets and light chains that won't weigh down your wrist.

Jewellery Styles for Successful First Dates 0

Expressive Earrings

Like necklaces, large earrings will work best for outfits that expose the shoulders and neck. Large hoops or floral pieces can be an excellent way to showcase your personality and expressive energy, but balance is crucial.

Small earrings are a safer option regardless of what you wear. Diamond studs are an elegant way to accentuate your neck and face without drawing excess attention.

Jewellery Styles for Successful First Dates 0

Date Night at the Museum

It's tricky cycling through jewellery styles for your first date. Museum dates can be especially hard since the venue and theme can vary greatly. 

A flashy pair of earrings is another elegant option. Consider working one or more of the exhibition's themes into your outfit.

Jewellery Styles for Successful First Dates 0

At-Home Elegance

Hoop earrings offer elegance without coming off as overly formal, making them an excellent option for house dates. A row of white diamonds careens along the edges of these RNB Diamond Hoop Earrings, offering the ideal blend of elegance and subtlety.

We would advise against donning bold statement earrings at home. However, studs could work as another versatile option if you're craving some extra shimmer.

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