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Let it Snow: Winter 2020 Fashion Jewellery Trends

November 15th, 2020

Let it Snow: Winter 2020 Fashion Jewellery Trends 0

As the days grow colder and the skies glaze over with clouds, add some cheer to your ensembles with the latest fashion jewellery. 

Grab a cup of cocoa and explore the hottest trends to warm you up this winter.

Dripping with Diamonds

Let it Snow: Winter 2020 Fashion Jewellery Trends 0

The engagement ring gets all the credit when talking about diamond rings, however, fashion rings are stealing the show by incorporating diamond accents. A diamond's icy essence is the perfect complement to winter.

If you are still daydreaming about your dream engagement ring, why not treat yourself with a diamond fashion ring. jewellery waits for no man-- find a style that best suits your personality with our three trending design styles.

Multi-layered Bands: Instead of trying to match coordinating rings for a stackable look, shop all in one rings with layered bands set with diamonds. The ultra-luxe aesthetic will crown your finger in glittering diamonds and a comfort-fit makes this ring your next favourite piece to wear to every holiday party.

X-Shaped Rings: As a contemporary design, the x-shaped ring is right on-trend for winter 2020. Molded into a geometric structure, this ring style instantly elongates your fingers. If you describe your style as sleek and modern, an x-shaped ring is an exquisite choice to add a new dimension to your collection.

Negative Space: Fashion rings have become architectural wonders of innovation so it's no wonder intricate styles have soared in popularity. More akin to modern art, fashion rings are incorporating negative space in design ideation to create truly magnificent pieces.

Find these unique rings with our premier diamond fashion ring designer: Amden. Crafted with expert precision and brilliant diamonds, each ring is designed to last a lifetime.

Daring Geometric Designs

Structured and sophisticated, geometric motifs are popping up all over the runway in 2020. Sharp edges add a bold design element, while delicate features offer a refreshing take for a jewellery piece that is both striking and fluid.

Let it Snow: Winter 2020 Fashion Jewellery Trends 0

Structured Shapes: Layered, geometric designs are prevalent in Doves by Dorian Paloma. Triangles overlap with semicircles and gold bars are covered with delicate diamond-studded octagons. An exceptional designer, Dorian Paloma makes intricate designs look effortless and chic.

Bar Necklaces- Rectangle bar necklaces make a powerful statement with a hint of whimsy. The oversized shape stands out amongst heavy winter fabrics. For an added touch of personality, consider a gemstone bar necklace in a colour that resonates with you or this season's favourite-- lapis.

Winter Gemstone: Lapis

Winter is a time for transition and hope, rung in by the celebration of the new year. The gemstone of the season is lapis, a stunning deep blue gemstone with flecks of gold like a starry night sky.

Royal Lapis: A sensational collection by Doves, Royal Lapis reigns supreme this winter as your go-to choice for lapis jewellery. Truly a hidden gem, lapis emits an ethereal glow beneath a layer of clear quartz, which enhances the luminosity of the stone. Available in rings, necklaces, and earrings, this gemstone shines in any setting.

Damiani Jewellers has curated the finest fashion jewellery for customers in the Greater Toronto area for over sixty years. Watching jewellery trends rise and fall over the years, has made us experts in choosing the highest calibre designers and brands to showcase to our community. Find your perfect winter jewellery piece at our showroom in Woodbridge, Ontario, or shop online today.