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Master the Secrets to Bridal Jewellery Care

July 15th, 2020

Master the Secrets to Bridal Jewellery Care

Your jewellery doesn't just represent a financial investment. On the contrary, your favourite pieces hold an important place in your heart, reminding you of special people and moments from your life. They're irreplaceable, which is why keeping your most beloved items clean and in good repair is of such importance. In particular, bridal jewellery care is essential, as engagement rings and wedding rings need regular cleaning to look their best. At Damiani Jewellers, we're passionate about helping you find the most beautiful pieces and keep them that way for generations. Read on for our top tips on maintaining your jewellery.

Expert Guide to Bridal Jewellery Care

Wear and tear can have a significant effect on all your jewellery, and bridal pieces are no exception. Over time, the sun can damage precious stones, causing the colour to fade or darken depending on the gem in question. Moreover, exposure to household cleaners, chemicals, and lotions can damage both metals and gems. For this reason, experts advise that you take off your rings and bracelets before using cleaners or going in a chlorinated swimming pool. Additionally, you can follow these tips for bridal jewellery care made simple:

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Cleaning Gems and Diamonds

When it comes to bridal jewellery care, professional cleaning is always the best choice. Still, it can be hard to make it to the jeweller every time your engagement ring or favorite necklace needs care. Fortunately, there are safe ways to clean your jewellery in the comfort of your own home. For gems and diamond pieces, start by washing them in a bowl of warm water. Use a mild dish soap and dry your jewellery with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Cleaning Pearls

More delicate than diamonds and other gemstones, pearls require the utmost care when cleaning. Protect these soft stones by washing them in warm water with only a small amount of soap. Instead of rubbing them dry, lay them out on a soft towel to avoid damage. Doing this also prevents the silk threads in your pearl necklace from stretching and breaking.

Repairing Pieces

Even the highest-quality jewellery occasionally needs repair. For best results, only entrust your most beloved pieces to an expert repair person. At Damiani Jewellers, we have certified jewelers on staff to handle even the most complex of repairs. From watches to necklaces, engagement rings to wedding bands, our team does it all. You can rest assured knowing we'll return your treasures in better condition than we received them.

Trust Damiani Jewellers With Your Bridal Jewellery Care

Founded in 1957, Damiani Jewellers has been providing premium products and services for over half a century. Unlike other jewellery suppliers, we take time to help every client find the perfect piece. Additionally, we employ a team master goldsmiths, factory-certified watchmakers, and jewellery cleaning pros to help keep your favourite pieces in top condition. Stop by today to shop pieces by top designers or browse our selection online.