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5 Reasons to Get Married in July

June 15th, 2024

A bride and groom kissing on a wooden swing in front of a calm lake.

Old superstitions claim that July is an unlucky month for weddings, but this beautiful time of year has so much to offer that actually makes it an excellent wedding month. While some may still shy away from the notion, we believe July holds a unique charm, waiting to be discovered by discerning couples. Located at summer’s crescendo, July beckons lovers with nature’s lush beauty and the gentle caress of warm summer weather. For your wedding day, transcend folklore and embrace the magic of this enchanting season alongside Damiani Jewellers in Woodbridge, Ontario, as we unveil the allure of July weddings and why it’s an ideal time of year for your beautiful union. 

Enjoy the Beautiful Weather

In July, Ontario's weather is graced with balmy breezes and sun-kissed days, creating the perfect backdrop for exchanging vows. With average temperatures hovering around a comfortable 25 degrees in the Toronto area, this month offers an ideal climate for celebrating love. There is a sense of serenity in the air as nature blooms in full splendour, painting a vibrant canvas for matrimonial bliss. Whether surrounded by lush gardens or nestled in historic venues, July weddings in Ontario encapsulate the essence of romance, promising unforgettable moments bathed in the warmth of summer's embrace.

An elegant outdoor wedding on the water's edge.

Outdoor Wedding Perfection

At summer’s peak, July emerges as an exquisite choice for outdoor weddings in Ontario. As mentioned above, July boasts comfortably warm weather, as well as abundant sunshine. The sunnier days not only ensure a radiant and idyllic atmosphere, but they also illuminate photographs with a natural brilliance, capturing every cherished moment in vivid detail. Furthermore, the longer daylight hours in July offer an extended window of time for festivities, allowing couples and their guests to revel in the enchantment of the occasion against the backdrop of Ontario's scenic landscapes before the sun goes down.

A pretty young woman posing in front of stunning pink flowers.

Fantastic Floral Options

Every wedding needs its flowers, and July is a veritable floral paradise, offering couples an extensive array of blooms to adorn their wedding celebrations. Versus months where flowers are dormant or blossoming after winter, July witnesses the peak of nature's bounty, with a plethora of flowers bursting into full bloom. Among the popular summer blooms, sunflowers stand tall, exuding warmth and cheer with their vibrant hues. Calla lilies add an elegant touch, their graceful curves enhancing any bouquet or arrangement. Meanwhile, hydrangeas captivate with their lush clusters of petals, expressing a sense of romance and abundance. With such a rich selection of blooms at their disposal, couples can effortlessly infuse their July weddings with the beauty and splendour of nature.

Summer Schedules are More Open

July presents an opportune time for inviting a diverse array of guests to weddings, accommodating varying schedules with its summertime allure. As schools typically conclude their academic year in June, families with school-aged children find themselves enjoying the freedom of summer breaks well into July. This extended break allows for greater flexibility in attendance for wedding guests, making it easier for loved ones with different commitments to partake in the festivities. Whether it's relatives traveling from afar or friends juggling busy schedules, July's inviting ambiance and relaxed atmosphere provide the perfect backdrop for bringing together a larger crowd to celebrate love and joyous unions.

A close-up of a bride’s hand, holding a vibrant bouquet of summer flowers.

Take Advantage of a Summer Colour Palette

July offers an exquisite canvas for crafting a distinctive and diverse colour palette, allowing couples to infuse their weddings with creative flair and personal style. While vibrant, summery hues like sunny yellows and azure blues evoke the spirit of the season, and are certainly popular this time of year, July also welcomes the incorporation of deeper tones for added depth and sophistication. For example, rich greys and deep blues lend an aura of elegance and modernity to wedding decor, providing a striking contrast against the backdrop of lush summer landscapes. With such a wide spectrum of colours at their disposal, couples can curate a truly unique and memorable aesthetic that reflects their individual tastes.

A bride and groom at an outdoor wedding near water.

Prepare for Your July Wedding at Damiani Jewellers

For over 60 years, our family at Damiani Jewellers has proudly been the jeweller of choice for many happy couples in the Greater Toronto area. From our showroom in Woodbridge, Ontario, we offer a dazzling array of engagement rings and wedding bands for every couple’s discerning tastes, ensuring that their selection is a symbol of cherished memories for years to come. For those who desire a truly one-of-a-kind adornment, we offer custom design services where you can oversee the creation of your dream jewellery, from sketch to finished product. Visit our showroom or contact us to discover the perfect symbols of your July wedding today.