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Remount Your Engagement Ring

March 15th, 2022

Remount Your Engagement Ring 0

After years of blissful marriage, your engagement ring has weathered every storm and still remains a reminder of you and your spouse's love story. However, over time, you may want to upgrade your centre stone with a new diamond. This is known as 'remounting.' Our experts at Damiani Jewellers have put together a useful guide to figure out if you should remount your engagement ring along with ideas for how you can revamp one of your most treasured rings.

When to Remount Your Engagement Ring

When your partner proposed, they may not have been able to afford more than an unadorned band with a small centre stone. After years of growing together, you want more from a symbol of your relationship. It could be a higher quality diamond or a more trendy setting, but either way, change can be good. For those who are seeking an entirely fresh ring, it is probably best to get an entirely new piece and save the old one for sentimental value or as an heirloom, however.

Remount Your Engagement Ring 0

Diamond Accents for Extra Sparkle

A subtle way to upgrade the glamour of your ring is with diamond accents on either side of the centre stone. An easy way to achieve this look is by switching the band to one with diamond accents.

Channel settings will securely hold the side stone ring between two rows of metal while prong settings will allow the light to reflect more easily. Both settings will light up your finger with the centre stone as the focus. Each setting has its own level of security and will directly influence the appearance of the ring.

Remount Your Engagement Ring 0

Surround the Centre Stone in a Halo

Perhaps you adore the solitaire with a simplistic band but wish it had more sparkle. A halo setting is a perfect solution to give the centre stone its own dazzling frame. The circle of tiny diamonds will make a smaller carat size then appear larger and more dynamic. This setting has come a long way and is now considered a classic. Hidden halos and double halos have been recent additions to this category that elevates this style even more.

Sentimental Three Stone Remount

A phenomenal way to commemorate the journey you have shared with your partner is with an upgrade to a three stone setting. This signifies the past, present, and future of your union. For a traditionally spectacular look, go with a centre stone with two smaller stones flanking the sides. Create your own unique style with birthstones for your children on either side or three equally sized stones for a united, dramatic effect. Designers create beautiful versions of this ring that will hold a special place in your heart.

Be Bold, Shine More

Sometimes more really is more. Multiple rows of diamonds (often called micropave) and wide bands make a statement. Elevate your bridal stack with incredible designs that are bold and will shine even from a distance. Such radiance provides a rare and extraordinary beauty.

Remount Your Engagement Ring 0

Trust Damiani Jewellers to Remount Your Engagement Ring

We look forward to helping remount your engagement ring at Damiani Jewellers. With over 60 years of serving the Greater Toronto area, we know our skilled staff will be able to guide you to a wonderful piece of jewellery or a finely crafted timepiece. Our professionals offer a range of services to keep your luxury items at their very best. Make sure you visit for the next level of luxury or browse our wonderful selection online. Contact us with any questions you may have about your shopping experience.