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Spotlight On Carlex: Modern Luxury Rings For Him And Her

March 1st, 2020

Spotlight On Carlex: Modern Luxury Rings For Him And Her

Carlex is the epitome of luxury. Inspired by the design and style of luxury watches and architectural design, Carlex crafted five impeccable ring collections that evoke luxury and refinement.

Carlex Jewellery Woodbridge Ontario

Carlex’s Design-Forward Collections

Carlex’s luxury collections of high-quality jewellery for men and women feature a sleek, classic, and inventive style completely their own. Couples shopping for bridal jewellery should look no further with Carlex’s brilliant and elegant designs. 18K white, rose, and yellow gold, platinum, and black cobalt offer couples radiant and polished metal alloys that can stand the test of time.

Precision meets style with Carlex’s refined and intricate production process. Starting with two metal blank bands, ring designers craft unique shapes using custom machinery that fits each ring to the customer’s perfect size. In-house machines make incisions on the ring that make the ring pop and are accurate to a microscopic level.

After a ring’s final incisions are made, designers add breathtaking diamonds to some ring models. Stone setters take great pride in carefully and artistically setting each stone to make the most aesthetic impact. A ring is polished, cleaned, and inspected with painstaking precision to finish off the hypoallergenic, luxurious, and eternal ring of your dreams.


Carlex’s G1 Collection is the go-to collection for a refined look that has won awards for its design. G1 rings feature strong, masculine, and modern touches throughout the band. Two-toned metals paint a radiant picture, especially with the addition of a textured metal finish or intricately set diamonds within the band. Carlex’s G1 Collection can be as diamond-studded as you want, but also offers minimalist-friendly designs.


The G2 Collection’s reimagines the G1 collection and adds a twist. G2’s dazzling rings feature bold yellow, white, and rose gold or platinum designs. G2 rings are embellished with radiant metal plates and multiple original swiss screws reminiscent of architecture design. The G2 Collection brings together design touches from modern timepieces and creates a brilliant and daring collection that drips in luxury and style.

Carlex G2 Wedding Bands


If you’re looking for unique and exclusive wedding bands, the G3 Collection offers inventive and whimsical designs featuring sharply cut diamonds and unique metal textures. Choose from solid rose, yellow, and white gold or platinum, or find a two-tone piece among its many sophisticated and multi-component designs. The G3 Collection shows off more of Carlex’s inspiration from architecture and art.


The G4 Collection takes elegance and luxury to another level. G4 rings feature a simple and classic design with various metal finishes for a regal and classic look. What truly makes the G4 collection a remarkable achievement is the hand-painted enamel and custom engraving options couples can choose to personalize the ring with a date or message.


Carlex’s Sport Collection has a more distinct and edgy look compared to the other Carlex ring collections. Scratch and shatter-resistant black cobalt offer couples an unparalleled level of durability and comfort. The sharp lines and deep cuts in the band, as well as the sparkling diamond details, make this collection a striking fit for couples who love an adventure and have an active lifestyle.

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