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Spotlight on TAG Heuer: Swiss-Perfected Precision

June 5th, 2020

Spotlight on TAG Heuer: Swiss-Perfected Precision

The unparalleled craftsmanship and legacy behind Swiss-made timepieces can not be understated. Known for their quality, durability, and style, these timepieces have won the world over for decades. Here at Damiani Jewellers, one of our favorite Swiss watch brands is TAG Heuer. With over a century and a half as a pioneer in the timepiece world, their collections have remained in the top tier of Swiss excellence.

The History Behind TAG Heuer

Founded in the Swiss Jura in 1860, TAG heuer has become the foundation for some of the timekeeping innovations that have revolutionized the horology industry. They are the creators of the world’s first stopwatch, the world’s first automatic watch, and the world’s first luxury Swiss smartwatch. Even with so many innovations under their belt, TAG Heuer refuses to rest on their laurels. They have fostered a culture and style that attracts every kind of person, from the rugged outdoorsman to the athlete with a passion for daring innovation.

Today, at Damiani Jewellers, we are proud to be authorized retailers for TAG Heuer timepieces and our collections of both men’s and women’s watches represent the very best in Swiss craftsmanship and design.

Tag Heuer watches dealer in Ontario

Timeless Watches Redefined

TAG Heuer has a wide selection of different timepiece styles, each of them with their own distinct personality meant to complement that of the wearer’s. For example, TAG Heuer’s famous Formula 1 collection, which features casual sports watches crafted with a fast-paced life in mind. It draws inspiration from the technological supremacy and shimmering steel of single-seater automobiles built for speed.

TAG Heuer’s motor racing influence doesn’t end with the Formula 1 collection. The Carrera collection offers a classic, yet contemporary sports look. The Carrera watches strike a balance between traditional aesthetics and modern engineering to create a sleek design that is as resilient as it is fashionable. The elegantly textured details, the durable steel frame, and the touch of mother of pearl in the dial - all of these unique features are found in both the men’s and women’s Carrera watches.

If your heart lies somewhere beyond the sea, TAG Heuer’s Aquaracer may be the perfect fit. Inspired by speedboats and other boat racing technology, the Aquaracer collection is made for the watch lover who adores time in the open ocean as Aquaracer watches can survive the harsh conditions of salt, sun, and sea.

While the sports-side of TAG Heuer has made them a household name, they also offer timepiece collections that lean toward more elegantly refined tastes. The Link collection prioritizes comfort, avant-garde aesthetics, and a purity of precision, making it one of the most dynamic of TAG Heuer’s luxury timepiece collections. The Link is the only collection whose design started with its bracelet, which has been streamlined to its purest form to ensure the watch floats weightlessly on the wrist without sacrificing its solidity or dramatic shape.

Discover TAG Heuer at Damiani Jewellers

A fantastic timepiece is an extension of your personal style. Find the perfect fit at Damiani Jewellers, the best place for Swiss-made timepieces in Woodbridge, Ontario. In addition to our stunning TAG Heuer collections, we also carry timepieces from world renowned designers such as Rolex and Luminox.

Use our Watch Finder to start your search for the perfect timepiece, then come into our state-of-the-art showroom to try it on. Our highly knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you find that perfect timepiece you can cherish for decades.