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T-Minus 30 Days: Your Wedding Planning Checklist for the Month before the Big Day

April 26th, 2019

wedding planning guideWedding planners exist for a reason – any amateur who has tried to put a wedding together on their own can surely testify to this fact. Weddings are hectic, cumbersome ventures – between food, venue, music, cousins you haven’t seen since middle school, and every other vital part of a successful outcome, it can be an overwhelming task for most.

The best way to make sure things go over well? Planning ahead. Our thirty-day wedding planning checklist will make putting on the show feel effortless when the time finally comes.

1. Have the rings ordered and ready to go

Trust us – just like with the engagement ring, this is NOTHING you want to leave until the last minute. Once the order has been placed and your wedding bands have been reserved (this includes his, as well!), however, you’re in good shape – most couples will pick them up a couple of weeks or so before the wedding itself, but we always push a “better safe than sorry” approach.

This applies just as much to anything else that needs to be ready the day of – your dress and shoes, as well as furniture or décor rentals. What happens if you put it off and the thing you wanted is no longer available? Disaster.

2. Get those RSVPs in order

Have your invites dealt with and sent out as soon as humanly possible and ask your guests to keep you in the loop if plans change one way or another. Confirm with everybody when the time comes to coordinate lodging.

3. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

No wedding planning checklist would be complete without this crucial category. We know – we thought that, as adults, we would never have to do a lick of homework again. Those of a type A persuasion will find this part to be almost instinctual – writing the vows, getting the marriage license in order, as well as smaller tasks like creating a seating chart.

These things may seem obvious, but they can pile up quickly and become a lot to handle. A hearty to-do list will help you keep everything straight and help make sure nothing important falls through the cracks.

4. Pamper your fabulous self

After your final dress fitting, it really starts to get down to crunch time.

Take an afternoon or two to yourself – check out a local spa, maybe find a gentle hiking trail to reflect at sunrise (or after brunch). Breaking in your shoes for the wedding will serve you well; you’re going to be wearing those things until the reception at the very least. Get a haircut and a mani-pedi, an eyebrow threading, a Brazilian bikini wax. Anything to help you get into the bridal zone is definitely encouraged.

Dive Deep into Our Wedding Planning Checklist with the Help of an Expert

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