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The Beginner's Guide to Buying the Perfect Timepiece

January 10th, 2021

The Beginner's Guide to Buying the Perfect Timepiece 0

The decision of purchasing a timepiece should be an informed one. There are a ton of different factors to consider before you buy: What kind of lifestyle do you lead? What is your budget? What watch components do you prefer? These are some important questions to ask yourself before selecting the timepiece for you. This is where we come in - read on for an extensive guide to a timepiece's features, all of which should be on your mind when making a selection.

Watch Movements

A watch movement is a mechanism that gives power to a timepiece's components and keeps it accurately synced up to real-world time. There are two different types to consider: automatic and quartz. Each has its own distinct advantages, and your decision on this matter depends on your budget and personal use.

Automatic watch movements draw their power from the natural motions of the user's wrist. It uses this energy to keep incredibly accurate timing. Because it draws its power from daily activity, you will have to wear your timepiece on a regular basis for it to keep time without needing to be wound. If you're in motion throughout the day and want a watch that has proven its reliability for centuries, go for one with an automatic movement.

The Beginner's Guide to Buying the Perfect Timepiece 0

Watches with quartz movements derive their power from a battery, which sends an electrical charge to a quartz crystal to power the watch. If you are not looking to wear your timepiece all the time, this motion might be more preferable, as it will still be accurate after long periods of non-use. For someone who enjoys adopting modern adaptations into their own lives, consider the convenience of owning a watch with a quartz movement.

Watch Complications

Watch complications are not as complicated as they sound; they are simply referring to a watch's additional features. Whether or not these are necessary inclusions is entirely up to you, but there is no denying that each one can enhance a watch's usefulness.

One complication that you will find in many watches is the date function. On most watches, it displays the numbered day in a box on the watch face, but complications can also be complex enough to also include the month and day of the week. It allows you to check the current date with a simple flick of your wrist, saving time from checking the calendar on your smartphone or trying to remember how many days were left till the weekend. The inclusion of complex features is up to how many tools you want on hand.

Two complications that are extremely useful for time management are the alarm and repeater functions. The alarm feature is self-explanatory, but the repeater function is a bit more complex. It allows you to set tones to go off for a specific hour, quarter-hour, or minute on your watch. Both functions are incredibly useful for time management, allowing you to stay on schedule and ahead of the curve. Anyone from working professionals to athletes can use a combination of these features to increase their work productivity or to time the perfect length for a nap.

Chronographs have become a staple complication in the watch market that many see as a compulsory addition to anyone's collection. It is essentially a miniature stopwatch within your timepiece, allowing you to keep time on a number of different things from workouts to food in the oven. Those with more athletic lifestyles are going to get the most use out of this feature, however, it can be beneficial for a variety of other lifestyles as well.

The Beginner's Guide to Buying the Perfect Timepiece 0

Watch Styles

The most personalized aspect of a timepiece is also one you should give the most consideration to before you buy: the watch style. The watch style you select is going to entirely depend on your lifestyle choices and personal preferences, and many watches are best suited for a specific personality. It not only involves the stylistic choices of the watch face, case, and dial markers, but the style of the watchband as well.

Many of the designers that Damiani Jewellers carries specialize in watches that are tailored to a specific lifestyle group, but there are also designers that cater to all styles. Those looking for variety from the every day to the elegant will be drawn to Citizen's selection of watches. Athletic and active personalities should find timepieces that suit their tastes with Tag Heuer. Their watches are superbly durable, incredibly water-resistant, and the majority of them come with a chronograph complication.

Another important factor you need to consider is the material of the watchband. There are a variety of options to choose from, from leather to stainless steel. Ultimately, that decision will come down to the level of comfort you want to experience - and how elegant you want your watch to be. The best part about watch bands is that if decide you want a new look, we at Damiani Jewellers will help you install a new watchband for your changing needs.

Shop Timepieces at Damiani Jewellers

Of course, the place where you decide to purchase your timepiece is as important as the selection itself. At Damiani Jewellers, we are proud to bring you a varied selection of the most technologically advanced, beautiful watches that Ontario has to offer. With over 350 unique variants to choose from, Damiani Jewellers has a perfect timepiece for everyone. When you shop at Damiani, you get service that lasts a lifetime, as we offer cleaning and repair services to ensure that your timepiece looks as stunning as the day you bought it. To find the ideal timepiece that lasts a lifetime, visit our watch finder page to get started.