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Tips on Stacking Wedding Bands with Your Engagement Ring

March 16th, 2021

Tips on Stacking Wedding Bands with Your Engagement Ring 0

Stackable rings allow you to express yourself in a colourful and eye-catching way. One of the newest and most exciting trends that's popping up is brides who want wedding sets featuring the perfect engagement ring and wedding band pair. From there, they can carefully curate a personal wardrobe of stylish rings that perfectly reflects their personality. Here's how to get started.

Customize Your Look

First off, what are stacked wedding rings, anyway? Stacked wedding bands bring together multiple rings on the same finger or even spread across multiple fingers. Over time, one can acquire a full-on wardrobe of complementary rings to elevate the wedding band and diamond ring pairing. A romantic gift for anniversaries, a wedding ring stack can signify special milestones in your love story, a beautiful reflection of a life filled with love.

Tips on Stacking Wedding Bands with Your Engagement Ring 0

It Starts With One

Every bridal stack starts with a paired duo, in this case, a wedding band and engagement ring. Consider the profile of your rings. This will be the foundation for the rest of your stackables. How thick are the wedding band and engagement ring? What are their textures and motif details? From there, you can build a curated sea of precious metals and gemstones using these tips.

As a rule of thumb, it's best to stick with odd-numbered rings. Experiment with sets of three or five. Start with your wedding band and engagement ring and keep adding below, above, and around. The stacked collection should keep the bridal rings as the main focus.

Thin Is In

Thin bands offer a smaller profile, perfect for stacking multiple at a time. Thin bands are also versatile enough to provide a stark contrast to chunkier statement bands. For instance, you can sandwich a thicker band with two thinner bands on each side to create a fun, alternating pattern. Experiment with different thicknesses and widths to your liking.

Mix 'N' Match

Create an eclectic and vibrant look by mixing metals across your fingers. Pair a warm gold tone with crisp white gold or mix all three gold hues (rose, yellow, and white) in a single bold ring. For a cohesive look, feel free to mix metals and stick with a single stone color throughout for consistency.

Gemstone Galore

Tips on Stacking Wedding Bands with Your Engagement Ring 0

Add colour to your stack by choosing rings that have deeply hued gemstones instead of diamonds—or don't skip on the sparkle factor and choose a gemstone ring with diamond accents. The pop of colour from an intricately cut stone provides an unexpected and eye-catching look. For a more vibrant stack, consider pairing your white ring and band stones with light pastel gemstones such as aquamarine, rose quartz, morganite, and many more! Choose one colour or a vivid rainbow of hues.

Take Your Time

Building a personalized stack you can be proud of takes time. It all starts with your perfect pairing of an engagement ring and wedding band. There are no rules here. Stacking is all about having the freedom to explore different combinations of textures, colours, styles, and shapes that are appealing to the eye. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

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