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Tips to Picking the Perfect Proposal Date

December 15th, 2022

Casually dressed engaged couple featuring a gorgeous engagement ring

Your proposal is an event you and your partner will remember and recount the story of for the rest of your lives. You’ll want to ensure that every detail is planned out and executed well, making your partner’s dream engagement come true. One of the essential things to determine is when exactly you’ll pop the big question. Our experts at Damiani Jewellers have put together a guide to settling on a date.

Consider Significant Dates

If your partner is exceptionally sentimental, holding onto mementos from important events and keeping track of significant dates, you may want to choose a day with special meaning for them. Consider proposing on the day the two of your first met or went on your first date. Doing so will show them you put great thought into the proposal to make them feel appreciated.

Glamorous engagement ring with a diamond halo setting

Determine the Method

How you propose will play a big part in helping you narrow your proposal date. For instance, if you want to propose in a field of flowers with vibrant flora and fauna providing a colourful backdrop, you’ll need to propose during the spring. Meanwhile, a cozy and intimate proposal by a bonfire or fireplace will be ideal during the cooler months.

Think About the Holidays

Holiday proposals are typically quite popular. If your partner has a particular holiday they enjoy, make it even more special by proposing. Check-in with close friends and family that may be attending the holiday celebration to ensure they’re okay with your proposal taking center stage. Or, if your partner isn’t a big fan of holidays, make sure to avoid them.

Soon-to-be-engaged man approaching his significant other with an engagement ring hidden behind his back

Speak With Their Close Family and Friends

Gain insight into important dates for your partner’s family and close friends to make sure your partner will be free the day you plan to propose. Their loved ones will undoubtedly be honoured to help you figure out the day that will work best for everyone involved and ensure the people your soulmate would want present can make it to your post-proposal celebration.

Consider Their Schedule

Lastly, you’ll want to check into your partner’s schedule. Are they in school and facing a busy schedule of exams and semester-end presentations? Do they have a big job interview coming up? Perhaps the engagement might be clouded by their preoccupation with these things. Find times when your partner is unencumbered so they can fully focus on you.

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