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Trending Style: Rose Gold Jewellery

May 1st, 2020

Trending Style: Rose Gold Jewellery

Ladies (and gentlemen), it’s the season for rose gold. In fairness, rose gold isn’t just a “2020 thing”. It’s been a popular choice for the better part of a decade, and there’s no signs that it’s slowing down in its domination of the jewellery landscape, particularly in gold rings.

On a chemical level, rose gold is known as an alloy. It’s a blend of pure gold and other metals: Copper and silver, in most cases. Copper lends its red colour to gold’s yellow lustre, and silver mellows the bright red into an organic pink. Once regarded as a novelty or something reserved for the aristocracy, rose gold has blossomed into something de rigueur for those looking to have something that blends opulence and charm.

Naturally, here at Damiani Jewellers, we’ve got a real fondness for this treasure, and we’re always excited to discover the new and surprising things that designers are doing with rose gold.

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<h2>Rose Gold in Bridal Jewellery</h2>

The traditional metal for bridal jewellery has been yellow gold. White gold in recent decades has become a popular choice thanks to its pale colour acting as a blank canvas to show off diamonds’ iciness and coloured gemstones’ hues.

However, when selecting an engagement ring, rose gold has a unique cachet. On a practical level, rose gold’s copper content makes it extremely durable and resilient to knocks. But given rose gold’s “organic” colour, it provides a remarkable complement to human skin tones.

<h2>Rose Gold as a Fashion Touch</h2>

You’ll often find rose gold in fashion jewellery. Here, it provides a delightful complement to the styles and gems that are found in rings and necklaces, among other pieces. The Amden Jewelry Glamour collection, as well as the Royal Lapis and Rosé lines by Doves by Doron Paloma, show how coloured gemstones work with rose gold.

The champagne-pink of morganite blends in with the hue of rose gold in the same way that diamonds’ paleness blends in with white gold, which offers a woman a unique opportunity to show off the gem. The blues of sapphire and lapis contrast dramatically with rose gold; the reds of ruby complement them in a way that makes the red and pink more striking than they’d be on their own.

<h2>Rose Gold for Guys</h2>

While rose gold is often seen as a “feminine” metal, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be found in men’s jewellery. In fact, many of our favourite designers, such as ArtCarved, CrownRing, and Triton have been using rose gold as an accent to pair with other, more classically “masculine-coded” colours. For instance, the CrownRing Rope collection boasts a slender rope-band of rose gold set into brushed white gold wedding bands. Triton places inlays of rose gold into midnight-black tungsten.

It’s easiest to think of rose gold in men’s jewellery as being the equivalent of wearing a boutonniere or a colored pocket square in one’s suit jacket. The touch of colour provides a refined complement to masculine asceticism.

If you’re interested in learning more about rose gold in jewellery, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Damiani Jewellers today! You can call us at 905.850.4653 or visit us in Woodbridge, Ontario.