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Winter Gemstone Jewellery

November 15th, 2022

Winter Gemstone Jewellery

Black and white, cool hues, and jewel tones typically dominate the winter season regarding fashion and jewellery. These shades emulate the natural world during the colder months and bring a bit of exciting contrast to your ensembles. Express your individuality in your looks with season-appropriate gemstone jewellery from our selection here at Damiani Jewellers.

Half-pearl, Half-chain Necklace


This timelessly luxurious gemstone never goes out of style but has seen a particular resurgence in fashion in recent months. Pearls are particularly fitting for the winter as their uniquely luminescent sheen is reminiscent of fresh snowfall.

Seek out jewellery that offers a unique take on this classic jewellery style. For instance, this Thomas Sabo necklace features a unique half-pearl, half-chain silhouette that is at once edgy and classy. The cool sterling silver will make this a perfectly fitting piece for your winter wardrobe.

Yellow Gold Lapis Lazuli Chain Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli

One of December’s birthstones, lapis lazuli is cool-toned and mesmerizing. Its deep blue hue is broken up by small sections of lighter color, making it evocative of a dazzling winter night sky.

This gem is truly dazzling and eye-catching and looks beautiful when accented by diamonds, gold, or silver. A piece such as this delicate yellow gold chain bracelet from Doves by Doron Paloma features dainty links and a halo of diamonds surrounding the single lapis lazuli pendant. Layer it with pieces of varying weights and styles for an eclectic and expressive effect.

Miss Mimi Yellow Gold Bangle


Similarly to pearls, moonstone’s white color will fit effortlessly into your winter collection, reflecting the beauty and sheen of winter snow. It possesses a unique opalescence that allows a myriad of colors to be visible under the light when viewed at certain angles. While white is the popular option, one can find moonstones in several shades to suit their style and aesthetic preferences.

 A piece like this will also easily transition into our spring wardrobe as winter closes.

Single Drop Turquoise Earring


For a slightly warmer shade of blue, seek out vibrant turquoise. This gem perfectly bridges the gap between warm and cool, and its opaqueness is statement-making and attention-grabbing.

Opt for a piece that contrasts the neutral-toned looks in your winter wardrobe, like jewellery featuring rich turquoise. This uber-trendy single drop earring will make a wonderfully edgy yet versatile option.

Shop Winter Gemstone Jewellery at Damiani Jewellers

Shop Winter Gemstone Jewellery at Damiani Jewellers

At Damiani Jewellers, it would be our joy to help you outfit your winter jewellery collection with stunning gemstone pieces that celebrate the majesty and magic of this beloved season. You’re sure to find many pieces to fit your personal aesthetic among the designer selection here in our Woodbridge jewellery store.

Let our expert and amiable staff guide you through our selection to find the pieces that are certain to be your favorite season accessories. Contact us today or browse our website for more information on our products and services.