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Winter Gemstone Jewellery Guide

November 15th, 2021

winter gemstone jewellery guide

As the colder weather approaches, we'll all begin trading our staple colourful summer pieces for the more muted tones typical of winter fashion. But we do not have to sacrifice colour altogether! A stylish winter wardrobe is made complete by brightly coloured accent jewellery, escalating any look to one of balance and sophistication. We've put together a guide to the gemstones trending in fashion this season to help you take your winter looks to the next level.

lapis lazuli ring

Lapis Lazuli

This unique stone is all drama and audaciousness; making it the perfect gem to adorn your statement jewellery pieces. Characterized by its deep blue hue, lapis lazuli emulates the intense colour of the night sky in winter. This gorgeous gemstone can also sometimes be found containing flecks of gold pyrite, reminiscent of the stars. Brandish a stunning piece like this lapis halo ring from Doves by Doron Paloma to add some serious intrigue to any look.

pearl earrings


A gemstone this classic needs no justification. Pearls are ever versatile and relevant and can serve to contrast the darker shades of your typical winter wear to create visual interest. Pearls can be found in a multitude of colours to compliment any look, but the classic white pearl mimics fresh snowfall, making it a fitting hue for the colder months. These snowflake studs featuring flawless freshwater pearls from Miss Mimi are all too appropriate for the season.

ruby fashion rings


Rubies have been a staple of winter wear for years, and for good reason. This gem exudes warmth and is known to symbolize love and passion, perfect for the holiday season. Pair them with diamonds and emeralds during Christmastime for some festive sparkle. A glimmering, three stone ring highlights a ruby's vibrant hue beautifully.

moonstone bracelet


Distinguished by their pearlescent glow, moonstones were said, in ancient times, to be frozen moonbeams. The icey appearance of these gems makes them an ideal accessory during the winter. Moonstones are versatile in that, much like opals, flashes of colour can be seen on their surfaces under different light. 

turqoise jewelry


Turquoise is an essential stone to any gem collection. During the winter, it serves to bring some brighter tones to your outfits and add the type of variation needed to create a dynamic look.

Wear this stone in its natural, opaque form with a darker matrix running throughout, or overlaid with quartz to add dimension and shine. An understated stud earring like this single turquoise stud by Thomas Sabo gives this striking gemstone its warranted spotlight.

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