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Guide to Modern Wedding Bands Styles

Wedding bands may be timeless, but there are a myriad of ways that designer jewellery brands are reinventing the ring. Forgoing the traditional minimalist metalwork in favour of more magnificent designs, modern wedding band styles are extravagant and beautiful. There are many types available, so learn which style is right for you with this guide from Damiani Jewellers.

Pave Wedding Bands

For a subtle but brilliant show of light, pave wedding bands are perfect. Pave was initially named after its resemblance to a cobblestone road. In this marvelous setting, a small gemstone line is embedded in the band. There are plenty of variations of this style. In the channel rings, the pave diamonds are set in a crease in the center of the band. Meanwhile, micropave wedding bands exhibit multiple layers of tiny diamonds or gems.

Eternity Rings

have an unbroken circle of gemstones. These rings are truly luxurious and glamorous. These marvelous pieces also offer peerlessly romantic symbolism as their unending look can reflect an eternity of love and commitment. There are many eternity ring styles available. Some feature milgrain beading for a vintage look while others exhibit gemstones like rubies and emeralds for a staggering regal beauty.

Stackable Wedding Bands

Ring stacking is a highly fashionable way to express one's fashion sense. By wearing several rings of different styles that complement each other, you can create a show-stopping display. You can combine wedding rings and fashion rings alike, but make sure that your stack draws the eye to the band. This can be done by donning a spectacular gemstone band alongside more minimalist pieces.

Nesting Rings

Nesting rings are designed to be worn to accentuate an engagement ring. Unlike other pieces, nesting rings have a frontside curve that is meant to go around an engagement ring's center stone. Some rings have colourful gemstones and other adornments on the curve. If you intend to wear your engagement ring alongside a wedding band, nesting rings are an excellent choice. When worn solo, they also have an eccentric appearance.

Anniversary Bands

For milestone anniversaries, an anniversary band makes an exquisite gift. These are additions to one's wedding stack usually another wedding band that show how one's marriage has grown over time. There are no pieces made just for anniversaries, so they can be whatever you wish. Make sure to find anniversary bands that accentuate the other rings in the stack. An unadorned piece can draw the eye to a bold engagement ring, or a glittering diamond wedding band can frame your bridal stack with sparkle.

Find Wedding Bands at Damiani Jewellers

Damiani Jewellers has all of today's most beloved modern wedding styles. From the pave to the nest, we have everything you need to create an incredible bridal stack. To better our community and customers, we also offer professional jewellery repair and custom design. Call our Woodbridge, Ontario showroom at (905) 850-4653.