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At Ontario Jeweller Damiani Jewellers, 18kt Gold Jewellery Always Promises an International Voyage

April 15th, 2020

Whether visiting the Damiani Jewellers showroom in person or shopping online, customers can be assured that the Ontario-based jeweller showcases only the finest pieces. When it comes to gold fineness, 18kt gold is the standard for exceptional quality, and it’s not difficult to find 18kt pieces at Damiani Jewellers.

At Ontario Jeweller Damiani Jewellers, 18kt Gold Jewellery Always Promises an International Voyage 0

All of the 18kt gold jewellery at the jeweller’s showroom comes postmarked from Italy, purchased from a highly trusted supplier, JoMark, which is based in Woodbridge, Ontario. The longtime relationship between Damiani Jewellers and the father-and-son duo behind JoMark has provided the jeweller with remarkable collections of lustrous 18kt gold pieces, including chains, bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings, and more.

Moreover, this partnership allows Damiani Jewellers to meet all the cultural needs of the community: Whether it’s gold crosses or medallions for baptisms, communion, or confirmation events, symbols of religious fulfillment can be found in the showcases of the Woodbridge jeweller. Of course, even if not searching for a piece of religious jewellery, one can always find “bread-and-butter” pieces available at Damiani Jewellers, such as the cubic zirconia studs and gold chains that never go out of fashion.

At Ontario Jeweller Damiani Jewellers, 18kt Gold Jewellery Always Promises an International Voyage 0

As a conduit between Italian fashion and Canadian shoppers, Damiani Jewellers is also the place to go when searching for unique aesthetics that are dazzling Europe. New collections are introduced throughout the year, so the jeweller encourages those interested in staying up-to-date on the accessory trends of Europe to visit or contact on a regular basis.

As a fixture of the Greater Toronto Area since 1957, Damiani Jewellers has been curating phenomenal 18kt gold looks ideal for nearly every need, and that’s not set to change anytime soon. If searching for a common or harder-to-find piece of gold jewellery, Damiani Jewellers reminds readers that it’s capable of sourcing pieces ideal for nearly any taste. Inquiries can be still be sent during the COVID-19 crisis to

About Damiani Jewellers

With over 60 years experience serving clients with their fine jewellery expertise, Damiani Jewellers is the Greater Toronto area’s premier jewellery retailer. For three generations, their family-owned business has provided engagement rings, wedding bands, loose diamonds, fine jewellery items, and luxury watches for their customers’ most treasured moments. Damiani Jewellers is also proud to be an authorized dealer of authentic Rolex watches, and this accomplishment speaks to the unbeatable customer service that each shopper receives. To learn more about the products and services offered at their showroom in Woodbridge, Ontario visit their website, call (905) 850-4653, email, or stop by their store in person.