​For Ontario Diamond Lovers, Loose Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Now Available at Damiani Jewellers

March 5th, 2020

Science and beauty; art and engineering, these things come together in a lab-grown diamond. At Damiani Jewellers in Woodbridge, lab-grown diamonds have proven to be a smash hit, and the jeweller is responding appropriately.

“While 95% of our business is still in naturally mined diamonds,” Frank Damiani, President of Damiani Jewellers explained, “we’re keen on giving our customers variety.”

And Damiani Jewellers certainly offers its customers variety. The jeweller first introduced lab-grown diamond jewellery in early 2019. The ladies’ diamond bands from Benchmark opened the door to man-made diamonds. Increasing curiosity and popularity about these alternative diamonds made them received extremely warmly by Damiani Jewellers clients, and in the 2019 holiday season, the jeweller began introducing fashion jewellery from Amden Jewelry studded with lab-grown diamonds, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Now in 2020, Damiani Jewellers is responding to demand from customers by adding a small inventory of loose lab-grown diamonds to their collection. These diamonds are guaranteed to be of extraordinary quality: Each lab-grown diamond at Damiani Jewellers is at least of “VS-White” quality, making it an ideal choice for a woman’s favourite engagement ring setting.

Readers interested in learning about the science, design, and sourcing of lab-grown diamonds are encouraged to contact Damiani Jewellers today to discuss this novel harmony of science and beauty.

About Damiani Jewellers

With over 60 years experience serving clients with their fine jewellery expertise, Damiani Jewellers is the Greater Toronto area’s premier jewellery retailer. For three generations, their family-owned business has provided engagement rings, wedding bands, loose diamonds, fine jewellery items, and luxury watches for their customers’ most treasured moments. Damiani Jewellers is also proud to be an authorized dealer of authentic Rolex watches, and this accomplishment speaks to the unbeatable customer service that each shopper receives. To learn more about the products and services offered at their showroom in Woodbridge, Ontario visit their website, call (905) 850-4653, email info@damianijewellers.com, or stop by their store in person.