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Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery From Amden Jewelry Now Available at Woodbridge-Based Damiani Jewellers

January 7th, 2020

At Woodbridge-based Damiani Jewellers, the future is now. For the first time, Damiani Jewellers will be showcasing lab-grown diamonds from prominent brand Amden Jewelry. Amden has historically been the first stop for those searching for some of the most remarkable diamond bridal and fashion jewellery on the market, and their use of lab-grown diamonds marks a definite turning point in the growing harmony between beauty and technological excellence.

At Damiani Jewellers, there’s a diverse assortment of treasures to be found from the new line of lab-grown diamond jewellery from Amden. The aficionado of luxury can find diamond earrings starting at $800, tennis bracelets starting at $3,300, necklaces starting at $650, and glittering diamond rings starting at $4,000.

Amden Jewelers is proud to note that their diamonds, sculpted by artistry and science, are worthy of the finest jewellery: Each stone is of VS quality, which means that no inclusions can be seen by the naked eye. Their colour is between D and E, which are the two highest GIA ratings for colourlessness. The science of producing diamonds in a laboratory has been advanced to the point where it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between a diamond taken from the Earth and one from a forge. And Amden’s confidence in their work comes through in their stones’ placement in lustrous 14k white gold, providing a “blank canvas” that perfectly reflects the fire and scintillation of their diamonds.

Damiani Jewellers has long been an authorized retailer for the Amden Jewelry brand, which is reflected in the Glamor and Seamless collections of bridal jewellery that grace the showcases of their Woodbridge showroom, as well as the fashion rings made for the discerning fashionista. This naturally sets Damiani Jewellers as an expert on Amden Jewelry pieces, and those interested in Amden creations are encouraged to contact the Ontario-based jeweller today to get the scoop on this revolution in the world of diamond design.

About Damiani Jewellers

With over 60 years of experience serving clients with their fine jewellery expertise, Damiani Jewellers is the Greater Toronto area’s premier jewellery retailer. For three generations, their family-owned business has provided engagement rings, wedding bands, loose diamonds, fine jewellery items, and luxury watches for their customers’ most treasured moments. Damiani Jewellers is also proud to be an authorized dealer of authentic Rolex watches, and this accomplishment speaks to the unbeatable customer service that each shopper receives. To learn more about the products and services offered at their showroom in Woodbridge, Ontario, visit their website, call (905) 850-4653, email or stop by their store in person.