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Ontario-Based Jeweller Damiani Jewellers is Now Showcasing William Henry

November 25th, 2019

Having brought some of the finest collections of bridal and fashion jewellery for over 60 years to the Woodbridge community, Damiani Jewellers is uniquely positioned to offer the world-renowned collections from American designer William Henry pieces to its customers.

Starting as an award-winning pocketknife designer, William Henry has expanded to create incomparable looks in men’s jewellery and accessories. Famed for their Damascus steel and mokume-gane patterns that whorl different shades of metal, the man who’s partial to an unusual, masculine gift will find a lot to love in the designs produced by William Henry.

Masters of the rare craft, William Henry doesn’t settle for commonplace techniques. On the contrary, one can find pens, pocketknives, and jewellery that are made with some phenomenally rare harmonies of natural materials, precious metals, and gemstones. For example, the designer offers 24k gold “koftari”, a medieval Indian practice in which blued steel has gold patterns burnished into the metal, creating a contrast between the regal blue and the shining gold patterns in it.

Of course, that’s hardly all that can be found at Damiani Jewellers. A man who admires opaque and colourful gems can find elevated expressions of their beauty in the bracelet and necklace collections designed by William Henry. Labradorite, sodalite, carnelian, and the rare excellence of zinc-matrix turquoise all come together with an adventurous sense of style and 925 sterling silver craft to make something truly special.

For those interested in getting a one-of-a-kind gift for a man for the holidays, Damiani Jewellers offers the suggestion that one stop by their showroom and browse the excellence of William Henry in person. Pocket knives, money clips, pens, and jewellery all offer a distinct way for a man to express his individuality all year round.

About Damiani Jewellers

With over 60 years of experience serving clients with their fine jewellery expertise, Damiani Jewellers is the Greater Toronto area’s premier jewellery retailer. For three generations, their family-owned business has provided engagement rings, wedding bands, loose diamonds, fine jewellery items, and luxury watches for their customers’ most treasured moments. Damiani Jewellers is also proud to be an authorized dealer of authentic Rolex watches, and this accomplishment speaks to the unbeatable customer service that each shopper receives. To learn more about the products and services offered at their showroom in Woodbridge, Ontario visit their website, call (905) 850-4653, email, or stop by their store in person.