Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

When To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

There are many reasons why one might want to upgrade their engagement ring. Perhaps you can now afford a larger central stone, or your ring no longer fits your aesthetic. Whatever the reason, there are several ways you can update and breathe new life into your beloved engagement ring.

Upgrade To A Larger Diamond

One of the most common ways people upgrade their engagement ring is to replace the centre stone with a larger diamond. A larger stone gives your ring more surface area to reflect light, adding more sparkle. Reinvigorate your engagement ring with a stone that will capture attention and glitter from every angle.

Change To A Different Diamond Shape

The shape of the centre stone in your ring truly determines the aesthetic of the whole piece. If the shape of your diamond no longer reflects your style or the feel you want your ring to have, choosing a different cut can be just the upgrade you need. Perhaps you have a classic round cut diamond and want something unique like a marquise or emerald cut. Or maybe your ring feels a bit angular with a princess or emerald cut, and you would prefer something softer, like an oval cut. Consider the types of diamond cuts available that might give your ring the upgrade that will make you happy.

Add Extra Diamonds

If your ring feels a bit simplistic or you would like it to have a bit more sparkle, adding diamonds to your ring can completely change the look of your piece. There are a number of options when it comes to adding stones to a ring. You might want to add a halo around your centre stone for a bold, exciting change. On the other hand, you may simply add a slightly smaller stone on either side of the centre stone to symbolize the past, present, and future of your relationship and bring a bit more shine to the piece.

Use A Different Type Of Metal

Another common way people decide to upgrade or update their engagement ring is to choose a band of a different material. Perhaps most of the jewellery you wear is silver, but your engagement ring is yellow gold, and you feel that your engagement ring does not fit with the rest of your wardrobe. An upgrade might be necessary for a higher quality band that is more resistant to wear and tear. If you originally purchased a ring in a more affordable but less durable metal, it may be time to upgrade to a material you know will last longer.

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring at Damiani Jewellers

At Damiani Jewellers, our Woodbridge jewellery store is staffed with competent and experienced personnel who will be happy to assist you in upgrading many aspects of your engagement ring to ensure it fits your current needs. Stop by our showroom or contact us for more information on our services and products. We look forward to helping our customers build the ring of their dreams.

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