Introduction to Watch Keywords

Of all the resources in the world, few are as precious as time. In that light, watches are recognized for their critical capabilities that have only gained momentum with every passing decade. At the heart of each watch is flawless timekeeping, kept in sync through specialized movements. Watch movements, sometimes referred to as a caliber, come in two main variations mechanical and quartz. A quartz movement is powered by a battery, (also called quartz-power), while mechanical movements can be either hand-wound or automatic. However, movements are not the only watch keywords to know, since contemporary timepieces have risen to become far more than a simple timekeeping device.

Popular Watch Keywords to Know

A watch is made of many parts, working in tandem to measure time out in a single, easy to understand display. Protecting the movement is the case or casing, the stylish body that holds the watch face. Sitting proudly at either the top or side of the casing is the crown, a knob that either adjusts the time or, if you have a manual watch, keeps the piece wound with a simple twist. A ceramic or metal bezel keeps in place the crystal, which is a dome made of glass, acrylic, or synthetic sapphire meant to protect the watch face. The face, also called the dial, has the moving hands and numerals responsible for displaying the current time.

Legendary watchmakers make certain that their watches stand out with a variety of useful complications. The term complication is actually quite easy to understand they are features that add useful functions to the watch. The chronograph, or stopwatch, is of course the most popular, but far from the only time that manufacturers have improved upon the basic watch design. Other useful functions include apertures that allow information to be openly displayed for quick reference on the watch dial, and exhibition case backs that show the inner workings of the watch through a transparent panel in the back of the case.

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