Watch Repair FAQ

Do you replace watch batteries?

Yes, we can replace a battery in most watches.

How much does a watch battery cost?

A watch battery typically starts at $10. The price of a battery can vary depending on the watch brand.

How long does it take to replace a watch battery?

Typically, a watch battery can be changed while you wait.

Can you replace the battery on a waterproof watch?

Yes, and if you would like your watch to be water tested as well, the entire process takes 30 minutes. The price of a battery and water test is $35 for a non-Chronograph watch, and $50 for a Chronograph watch.

Can you size my watch?

Yes, we can add or remove links from a metal bracelet. The price of a sizing is $5 and can be done while you wait.

My watch is not working. Can you fix it?

Our store has a full watch service centre and two trained technicians on staff. We recommend visiting our store with your watch so that we can determine what type of repair your watch needs.

How much does a watch repair cost?

The price of a watch repair will vary depending on the work that needs to be done. Once we determine what type of repair your watch will need, we will give you a price and estimated timeline before we go ahead with the repair.

Can you send my watch out for warranty repair if it was not purchased at your store?

Depending on the watch brand, we may be able to send your watch out for repair if it is under warranty. Please call our store for more information.

Does a watch service from your store come with a warranty?

Yes. A Complete Technical Revision (watch service) has a warranty period of 120 days.

What does your watch service warranty cover?

Our watch service warranty only covers the movement and anything on the inside of the watch. It does not cover external damage.

Do you sell watch straps?

Yes, we have a large selection of leather watch straps at various price points in store. We are more than happy to help you find a watch strap that will best suit your watch.