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Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

Whether your style is classic and sophisticated or modern and edgy, there is a wedding band finish to suit every aesthetic. Today's top designers are creating stunning wedding bands that incorporate artistic techniques, unique textures, and an assortment of materials for an extensive array of choices. Our helpful guide lets you explore the most popular options available so you can shop like an expert.

Polished Finish

Stylish and timeless, this classic look is glossy and reflective and pairs well with any look. Also known as a "mirror finish," it is the most common finish found on wedding bands. While extremely popular, this finish has the drawback of being susceptible to scratches, which show easily, with the exception of a polished tungsten metal band.

Satin Finish

The soft, gentle satin finish is the second most favored choice for wedding bands. A bit more understated than a polished band, this look is classic and ideal for someone looking for a touch of sophistication without the shine.

Matte Finish

A matte finish is subtle and muted. Its velvety appearance is a blend of understated elegance and modern refinement. In comparison to a satin finish, a matte wedding band is much more opaque.

Brushed Finish

A brushed finish has a textured, matte appearance. Wedding bands with a brushed finish are highly sought after due to their distinct design from the visible brushed markings on the surface of the bands. In addition, this finish is ideal for those who have an active lifestyle because of its ability to hide scratches on the ring.

Hammered Finish

Hammered finishes are rustic and rugged, ideal for a man who wants a ring that can withstand tough conditions. To achieve the look, metalsmiths first hammer the band, giving it a gently dimpled design, then finish the process by applying a satin finish for a non-reflective appearance.

Sandblasted Finish

A sandblasted finish is a very distinguishable and unique finish that has a coarse texture. Slightly grainy to the touch, a sandblasted wedding band can sustain well against wear and tear as flaws are not as visible on the metal.

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