Wedding Band Styles


A women's wedding band with a prong or claw setting means the diamond is secured by small slivers of high-quality metal. Distinctive prongs form a beautiful and delicate basket around the diamond to keep it in place. Its sharp tips, like clawed talons, grasp the edges of the stone for the ultimate protection. With this popular setting, the small amount of metal used allows more light to reflect off the surface of the stone. However, in rare instances, the claws can snag on something other than the stone. Overall, they offer a balance of security and beauty. It's no wonder prong wedding bands are the most popular setting option for women's wedding bands.


The pave setting has a unique and subtle construction. Derived from the French word to pave set diamonds are arranged closely together using small metal beads, giving the illusion of a paved surface of diamonds across the entire wedding band. Frequently used in women's wedding bands, pave set diamonds offer an impeccable dazzle that never lets up. Since the setting allows for smaller diamonds, pave wedding bands can have multiple rows with widening the shank. While pave set diamonds have a greater chance of becoming loose, regular care and maintenance can offer peace of mind without sacrificing your personal style. For a truly brilliant and bold look, shop pave wedding bands.


In a channel setting, diamonds are secured between two metal strips in a groove across the wedding band. Channel settings can go part way or completely around the entire band for added sparkle. As one of the most secure settings available, channel settings won't snag on clothing and provide you with a modern and elegant look. As long as you take special care of cleaning within the channels, you'll have a brilliant and unique wedding band for your wedding day. Channel wedding bands blend the traditional style with modern updates, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular every year. 


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