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Ontario Engagement Ring Store

Established over 50 years ago, Damiani Jewellers began with a simple passion: to celebrate love by crafting the perfect engagement rings. This Ontario-based family business understands the profound significance of an engagement ring. It symbolizes not only a promise of love and commitment, but also represents a bond meant to last a lifetime. Therefore, the quality of the ring must be unparalleled, much like the love it stands for.

At Damiani Jewellers, we believe every love story is unique, hence each ring should reflect this individuality. Our wide selection of engagement rings, featuring meticulous craftsmanship and impeccable design, caters to diverse tastes and budgets. From classic solitaires to modern styles, our collection is a testament to our dedication to providing exquisite, lasting symbols of love.

We are deeply honoured to be known as Ontario's premier destination for engagement rings, helping couples find the perfect embodiment of their love story. Our passion is creating unforgettable moments, sealed with the sparkle of a Damiani ring.

Popular Engagement Ring Designers

Damiani Jewellers is proud to be home to a stunning array of engagement ring designers, each offering unique and distinctive styles.

Our selection begins with  Amden, renowned for their exquisite attention to detail and intricate designs. Established in 1985, Amden's rings feature a blend of innovative design and impeccable quality, utilizing cutting-edge technology to create masterpieces that are breathtaking in their detail and elegance.

Next, we also carry  ArtCarved, a brand with over 150 years of history. They're known for their romantic and timeless designs, using a combination of precious metals and gemstones. ArtCarved engagement rings often feature vintage-inspired elements, offering a wonderful fusion of past and present aesthetics.

S Kashi & Sons is a New York-based designer known for their modern, bold designs. Their rings often feature unique settings and an adventurous use of diamonds and precious gems, resulting in statement pieces that perfectly encapsulate contemporary love.

Lastly, Damiani Jewellers also showcases an exceptional range of  in-house designed engagement rings. Our expert craftsmen and designers draw upon decades of experience to create rings of superior quality. With engagement rings sculpted from silky platinum and the coolness of 18k white gold, Damiani Jewellers goes out of its way to ensure that luxury is one of the prime elements of each of its rings. We give great attention to detail, from selecting the finest gems to implementing intricate design elements like micropavé settings and unique band shapes. These rings are the epitome of our commitment to excellence and our passion for celebrating love. We take the responsibility of jewellery design seriously, and when you’re looking for a refined, vintage-inspired piece of artwork, Damiani Jewellers is your perfect source.

Whether you're drawn to vintage charm,  modern allure, or bespoke designs, Damiani Jewellers offers an extraordinary selection containing a multitude of  engagement ring styles to help you find the perfect symbol of your love.

Create A Custom Engagement Ring With Experts

Additionally, Damiani Jewellers offers a  custom design service to those who desire a truly one-of-a-kind symbol of their love. Our custom engagement ring design process is carefully structured to ensure your vision is realized with the utmost precision and craftsmanship.

In the first step, you'll have a one-on-one design meeting with one of our creative professionals. Here, your ideas, preferences, and inspirations are laid out, forming the blueprint for your perfect ring. Sketches are drawn, and revisions made, until a design becomes a piece of art.

Following the design approval, our team employs advanced CAD software to create a three-dimensional model of your ring. This technology allows us to refine the design, eliminating any inconsistencies and enhancing its beauty. We then use a 3D printer to create a wax model, which further allows us to visualize and modify the design before final approval.

Once the wax model is approved, the magic truly begins. Your custom ring is expertly sculpted using your choice of precious metal and gemstones. The selection of centre stones spans from princess-cut to asscher-cut, pear to round to radiant-cut. We even offer fancy yellow diamonds for those seeking a touch of colour.

The end result is a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, unmatched in its beauty and individuality. This meticulous process ensures that you receive an exceptional piece, symbolizing your unique love story, without the prolonged waiting period typically associated with custom designs. Let Damiani Jewellers craft an engagement ring that is truly yours, as unique as the love it symbolizes.

Shop Engagement Rings At Damiani Jewellers In Ontario

Experience the magic of finding or creating the perfect symbol of your love at Damiani Jewellers. Whether you're drawn to the exquisite designs of renowned brands like Amden, ArtCarved, and S. Kashi & Sons, or have a unique vision you wish to bring to life through a custom ring, we invite you to discover the Damiani difference at our  Woodbridge jewellery store.

Every ring at Damiani Jewellers, whether designer or custom, is a testament to our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and meaningful design. We understand that an engagement ring is more than a piece of jewellery; it's a symbol of a lifetime of love and commitment.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to guide you in your journey towards the perfect engagement ring, providing you with all of the  designer ring information you need. From understanding your preferences to helping you select the right design, gemstone, or custom option, our team is dedicated to making this experience as memorable as the moment the ring is presented.

For a personal consultation or more information about our services, feel free to  contact us. Let Damiani Jewellers, Ontario's premier destination for engagement rings, play a part in your love story. We are eager to help you find or create an engagement ring as enduring and unique as your love.